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  1. hi is there a difference in MDU subscription amount between a 'subtantive' NHS consultant and 'locum' NHS consultant (via locum agency) thanks in advance
  2. Hi I am planning to relocate to India in two to three months. Just wanted any advice regarding shipping the furniture and any relevant believable companies to do it. thanks
  3. Thanks a lot suki for the advice. I will proceed with the next step of paying and getting the copies notarised.
  4. Hi Suki I am one of your fans because of your highly valuable contributions to this thread and you deserve a big applause. I have subscribed for toronto notes online and am also planning to get other material you have advised. I registered with The next step in it - that is credential, i.e. document check is a bit confusing for me. Could you please advice how to proceed and how you have done it. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi All I have got ST4 run through in NE london and if anybody is interested in a swap to eastern deanery, please contact me .
  6. st4 in general adult
  7. Hi Haritsa Could you please forward the solicitor details. Thanks
  8. Thanks a lot Jack for this very useful information, which helped me to secure a ST4 position in london. You could write a 'quick guide to interviews'. thanks again
  9. a friend of mine had an offer in forensic
  10. Hi all congrats to those who got offers. I got an offer which states 'run through', can't believe it and I have come out of my negative cognitions and am coping well with a good amount of drinking. Good luck to all.
  11. i have not yet heard!!!!!
  12. Hi all There is a mock CASC exam organised this weekend (by SPRs and consultants) on 19/09/09 in chelmsford (essex) and there are some places left. If any of you are interested please send email ASAP to or or Thanks
  13. Keep watching the clock
  14. all the best everyone I was in the same situation....
  15. I also did not receive any intimation