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  1. reply to tunedin - The researches want new people because we bring new patients thus helping meet their target sample size. They train us.
  2. I am thinking of using my 1 special interest/research day as an ST4 to join a large ongoing research project which is in an area that interests me. I just wondered if others who have done similar could feedback on their experiences and how useful they found it. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how to go about getting educational approval for flexible training posts? It was changed with the whole MTAS debacle, meaning you had to fill in the 'Form B' and send to PMETB. PMETB did this for about 5 months, got fed up so decided to leave it to the deaneries and royal colleges to sort out. Have emailed the deanery several times (no named person, just flexible@londondeanery) No reponse (surprise, surprise) Can't find anything on the royal college website, except for an old announcement from August 2007 saying that PMETB will now take care of this, and older advice from when the did do it. Anyone know anything I don't??
  4. Anyone want to swap ST3 sussex for South West London and St George's? I cannot commute to Sussex. Looks like another ST3 post may become availabe for round 2.....
  5. Actually solodoc, I am not criticising the McCannes in view of what actually happened. Like I pointed out, abductions are extremely rare and so I don't think they should have factored that in to their risk assessment when they went out for dinner that night. They never could have or should have predicted that. I think the more valid criticism to my previous post, and one I thought of later is that the risk of accidents would be low if the accomodation is properly child-proofed, and a locked door would prevent the children from wandering out on the streets. I am not suggesting Madelaine's parents are to blame for her abduction. I think if someone really wants to abduct their child, they will find the opportunity. I was just pointing out that in our sympathy for her family I don't think it should be condoned leaving your children to sleep whilst you go out of the house I went out for dinner a couple of weeks ago with my husband - I got a babysitter. This was not to prevent a child abduction. It was really just so someone would be there if my daughter woke up. People act differently when they are on holiday though - and you don't have access to someone you know is reliable to babysit. My parents tell the story of how they left me in a hotel room for 20 mins whilst they went downstairs and ate a sandwich at the hotel bar. I was 18 months old and asleep in my cot. In that time I managed to wake up, climb out of the cot and figure out how to open the hotel door. Luckily, did not get past the corridor!
  6. Well, to state the obvious, the media coverage was somewhat excessive. Of course, this is a terrible personal tragedy for the family, but plenty of terrible things are happening to children all over the world - murdered, abused, dying from starvation and infection and not getting any news coverage. Not sure it is ever really safe to leave 2 and 4 year old children on their own whilst you go out to have dinner, even if you do check on them every hour. That is plenty of time for one of them to wake up and go wandering out onto the street and get hit by a care, or to have some accident at home. The reality is that abductions are extremely rare. Children having accidents in the home is extremely common, and much more likely when they are left unsupervised.
  7. I know it doesn't really compare, coz I'm straight, but.... when I first started having 'sexual' relationships (not necessarily having sex), I was anxious, and felt often confused, and wasn't sure what my family would think (should I tell them, or try to hide it), and had feelings of guilt too. Sure lots of people feel the same way in the beginning, but it gets better as you learn about yourself and what you want. And then one day you are actually enjoying it and in a healthy relationship. Like I said, doesn't really compare to your situation, but maybe a little bit the same.
  8. Your sexuality is just one part of who you are. You say you have been seeing and reading about gaylife and find it is too much for you. Just because you are homosexual in orientation doesn't mean you have to live a gaylife style or immerse yourself in gay culture. Plenty of homosexual men keep their sexuality to just that - their sex lives and choice of life partners. If you need a companion maybe it is just time to bite the bullet and ask someone you fancy out on a date??
  9. I thought it was interesting that when they called Emily into the diary room at 3:00 in the morning and asked her to explain what happened, she couldn't bring herself to do it. She was saying 'well, we were in the garden, having a laugh and ...' The end of that sentence is ' I called Charley a ....', but she just couldn't own up to it. She just finished by saying 'we were just having a laugh'. Pathetic. It was a terrible thing to say to Charley, but after she said it she could have at least owned up to it and had a proper discussion about it. Especially to Charley. Not just try to brush it under the carpet. Can't believe there are people in this country who actually use that word. I never hear people say it! Still not sure if it was right to kick her out, though. Maybe they should have let the housemates judge her on it, before exposing her to the wrath of the British viewing public. She def would have been evicted, and imagine the boos when she walked out! Also, the housemates always behave in really appalling ways - BB7's Grace was a megabitch, and I found some of the things she said about other housemates offensive. And there has been terrible bullying of housemates in the past - like Jodie Marsh on celebrity BB. Of course it is worse to abuse or bully people on the grounds of their race or sexuality, but some contestants have obviously been distressed by just plain bullying. I don't know - what do others think??
  10. An insult to our patients!
  11. I agree, not a patch on Christina. He always looks ashamed of himself! Can't imagine him running one of Sir Alan's businesses
  12. Thanks Dougal. Im also waiting for London results as my first choice. :-/
  13. Wessex ST3 have now made offers
  14. I got Wessex ST3 offer today.
  15. rs and mcd, Were you offered a specific scheme within the london/kss deanery or just a general offer of a job somewhere?