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  1. I am an NHS consultant psychiatrist who is passionate about research and travelling/learning about other cultures/systems. NHS study budget is £1000 a year and is almost entirely wiped off to pay one conference fee. I usually present a few poster and oral presentations per conference. I foot a lot of the accommodation and travel bills, but I can't afford it for more than one 4 day conference. My managers say there is no room for increasing the budget. Can we pool our ideas on being able to present valuable research and learn more through attending more conferences. What options do we have for: 1.drug rep sponsored (travel/accommodation/fee) conferences as was commonplace 15-20 years ago? 2.free/very cheap fee/widely subsidised conferences? I know my own ethics and feel on balance working with a drug rep company would enable more learning, research and benefit to the patient. Are there legit ways or contacts we can explore through this whilst working for the NHS (which I am passionate about despite more lucrative opportunities in the private sector).
  2. Hi everyone! Having gradually started the recovery process of coming to terms with post-CASC failure PTSD. Sadly I've had newborn babies,teletubbies and random number generators make more sense than the tick box" feedback" sheet enclosed (a bargain for the £1000 paid for it).so I'm none the wiser how good I am. I am British-born and British graduate and was said to be doing as well as my mates who passed though.And yes, this too is the 1st exam ive failed and yes it was a massive shock. I live in London but I think Skype would be a great back-up option such as if others were not available at a certain time etc. Please do get in touch and I can email your skype account and we can get in touch at a pace that suits us all. Hang in there friends - we'll get there and then we'll help others through. Thanks, cascexaminer@gmail.com