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  1. Hi all, I understand the education and training centre for our college organizes coaching skills courses (levels 1 and 2) aimed at the medical professionals i.e us. Sounds quite interesting and appealing. They seem to incorporate some fundamental principles of life coaching. I wonder if anyone has been to it (or intends to) and how beneficial they think it is- if it is worth the 350 quid they seem to be charging for each level. Generally I think it would be nice to share some thoughts about whether people think they could benefit with some tools from (life) coaching for their personal and or professional development. Many thanks, Vivacious
  2. Thanks Vivacious,useful information. Now,I considered the writtenII as paper III,however,eventually I passed the clinical exam,so may quote MRCPsych as soon as the college gets my £506 I posted today!! The problem with my profile update is that I FORGOT MY PASS WORD! Thanks for clarifying and congratulation! Well done!
  3. A lot of NLP techniques are used in various leadership, communication skills and assertiveness training workshops (even the ones promoted by our royal college!). They don't necessarily label them as NLP techniques. The book Slarti mentioned is a useful one with lots of practical tips. NLP focuses a lot on rapport building, modeling, clear and effective communication, setting goals, motivation, self management, sharpening your sensory acuity and so on. It is somewhat similar to CBT but lacking in a good evidence base. ..And ABDO, I am curious as to how you have managed to pass all papers 1,2 and 3 already when the new system is not starting until the new year : Perhaps you would like to edit your profile!
  4. Can't give a definite answer but it is possible that you could still pass. Just accept what has happened and that you still did your best given the highly stressful situation. Cheer up and good luck!
  5. It used to bothered for a while but not anymore. There can be a multitude of reasons for people not contributing (especially to exam related Q&As) but I don't think we will know for sure, at least in individual cases unless we hear it directly from the horses' mouth. Again that too could meet with skepticism as we might still not know whether that is indeed the case. We can however make assumptions- some of the time we might be right and at other times wrong. Those people who genuinely love contributing would still keep doing so irrespective of whether everyone else contributes or not.
  6. Thanks guys! I think I have got the answer I was looking for
  7. Our tutor said in the past some SPRs did actually misuse their time and hence this decision. I don't feel that's a good enough reason. Surely with the WPBA and the new ARCP one would need to give evidence for their activities anyway.
  8. Hi, So far we were getting 2 days- 1 for special interest and another for research. Only yesterday we had a meeting with our tutor who informed us that there has been an official agreement by the royal college to scrap it down to a day. Of course we could negotiate with our supervisors if that was an option. However it would mean that one couldn't just stay away from work for 2 days. I am embarking on a research project and am applying for an MSc in clinical Ed. I was told I could avail the 30 days of annual study leave for the latter. I Have spoken to a friend with the oxford deanery and was told that as far as she was aware, they are keeping their two days. So my question is- does this scrapping business really apply nationally?
  9. so im missin out on all tht FUN huh?! ....thnk god im joinin late! bt does tht mean ill hve to undergo all this in isolation? you might
  10. Only 42 miles? I've done nearly 300 miles in the last 2 days... > I do feel better already!
  11. After driving 42 miles up and down, plus a day of induction, I feel drained. Today was okay...It appears I am the only ST4 in that particular hospital and tomorrow, we have a day full of history taking, mental state, risk m/g and so on. Surely, I can have a day off! : The only thing I suppose I can look forward to is collecting my keys, that too at 9am.
  12. That's great news!! My current locum job is ending on the 31st. So can join from the 1st i.e next wednesday if they want me to. Waiting for the contract letter as of now.
  13. Sorry, I have only just logged back in. Hopefully you have accepted the offer. Its sounds like a nice post really. Its actually a LD post included as part of the GAP scheme for the very first time. &nbsp:lol:r Stephen Brown is the consultant and the post holds great promise for research projects. And yes, we did meet briefly just before the interview!
  14. Hey Beena, Congratulations!! This post was originally offered to Carlo. When he turned it down, it was offered to a friend of mine. However he did not accept it because of some personal reasons. I am pleased for you and look forward to see you around in the SWP region. Regards, Vivacious
  15. Hi Vivacious, Have you heard anything more from SWPD? I got ST4 in OAP- verbal offer by phone after the interview, but haven't heard from them since. Just wondering when do we start. Key person must have returned from the leave today, but no message. Hi Nora, I did hear from them yesterday but was not clear where I was going. I have only just been confimed a job in Plymouth. Hope you have heard by now and good luck with your new job. Vivacious