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  1. Hi S1V --I started off with Girl In.. but now I think it is not that engaging. I haven't watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and Holly Golightly traits are worth describing, but the one I like is "The Talented Mr Ripley". The BBC Radio plays of the same are even better.
  2. In statistics, the Bonferroni correction is one of several methods used to counteract the problem of multiple comparisons..... Search google for more
  3. £173??
  4. absolutely Gurpal, have had pro3 for a while, the surface book should be better but the-the ipad-pro is just ok-for lite work.
  5. I've heard tablet mode is craptastic on surface--so won't be upgrading anytime soon on my pro 3. I do know W10 is better in desktop though
  6. ..................I've got soooo much backing up to do
  7. hi thanks Ryu-understand it much better now
  8. Would kinda second PA's approach--get some traffic first before you sell
  9. Have a look at this
  10. this might be better?
  11. First welcome to London Second Welcome to the Staff Grade Scene Yup and also welcome to the unmanageable workloads. The standards demanded and workload as compared to most other parts of the country are higher.. First make sure that you are doing things to improve your performance. Next make sure you are safe and well--physically and emotionally --stress can burn you out Finally--the world does not revolve around the psychiatry ward---people usually avoid it ----so look for something pleasuable outside of it. Now the tough bit---the only thing that makes people change the workload is when they realise they can't attract people to apply for or stay in a job. Please do look for other locum agencies--plenty around----jobs seem to be fewer but keep looking. BTW you have a right to look at your reference---or your referee has to tell you what they are going to say usually. On the other hand find some sympathetic consultant who will vouch for you
  12. What???? ..............Seriously????..........No seriously.....Narcissism and psychopathy is Asperger's??? Bleh......I defer to Laing...
  13. True, true---but that was more like leapmotion .....or lack thereof? I've got high hopes for holovision.......but wish that they'd pick up Jobs' now posthumous talent for making a rounded product.
  14. kinda like this--superimposed on reality---? a kinect spinoff?
  15. RD--the potential in India is huge--if you can adjust to the uncertainties --like America 50 yrs ago