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  1. BMA - as they say, better the devil you know...
  2. I passed paper 1 on my 3rd attempt. I passed paper 2 on my 1st attempt. I passed paper 3 on my 2nd attempt. I passed CASC on my first attempt. I sat my exams at the end of CT1 and the start of CT2 and was done by CT3. Failure was down to ill preparation and a number of personal circumstances at the time.
  3. Not out of date, I find it hard to believe that med secretary would actually do this. At a stretch I think discharge summaries could be done by nurses but medics need to do the tribunal reports.
  4. Love Tim Minchin, I discovered him in 2008. He performed at the amnesty international secret policeman's ball. He did 'If I didn't have you', loved everything he has done since!