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  1. Blunting of affect is definitely not same as angedonia...the answer I was looking for was inadequacy of affect but it was not in the options.I also went for coarsening of affect. With regards to umn/lmn lesion,I can not understand that how a flaaccid tongues be small..I went for UML for this.... Similarly with cognitive dissonance,you would expect for an option of change in attitudes which wasn't there..went with change in thinking...
  2. Was there a question on perseveration?I just can't remember the one egosyntonic,people are mentioning......
  3. One emi scenario ...man has been given promotion but he tells his collegies that he didn't even apply for if and does not recognise anything related to it...very vague and tricky wording...guess what I chose...ISOLATION...no idea what the rite answer is!!! Comments are welcome
  4. For the spiderman question,I put dissociation which seemed rite at the time but I have to say that the wording was so tricky..and there was no reaction formation.
  5. What did people say about the cognitive dissonance question? I was so confused about changes thinking or prevents problem solving Regarding lithium question the other choices were salbutamol and amlodipine but there was no theophylline for sure
  6. What is the reward centre in addictions?was nucleus accumbens there??
  7. I went for migration as the risk factor for schizophrenia For aripiprazole,all i knew was that it has half life of 3 days so multiplied by 5, gives the time to reach steady state as 15 days...do people agree?
  8. Biculturation in the family,parents,girl,children.....?
  9. For first question I put clang association (Manchester,chester) and for second one,I put circumstantiality....don't know the rite answers
  10. What do people make of that question on types of attention? I didn't have a clue
  11. I think it was referent power ad someone who is liked due to their accomplishments are likely to be given more power,but don't know why I went for legitimate in the exam. For lithium,I might have answered that question wrong twice but I was more than confident that peripheral oedema is it's recognised SE...GOD knows.... I was confused btw catalepsy and psychological pillow as the later an be a form of waxy flexibility,I thought in catalepsy pt would assume abnormal postures by himself not by the doctor...lol...
  12. Did anyone notice that one of the questions about lithium administration was given in the paper twice or was I just hallucinating? And if anyone can say what was the answer,that would be great.
  13. Question about first rank symptoms being predictor of social isolation,primary symptoms from which other symptoms are derived etc Area of reduced functioning in schizophrenia Prefrontal cortex The cognitive testing in schizophrenia will show what...impairment in planning etc Quickest way of testing global cognitive function MMSE,PSE etc The nonverbal test of intelligence Memory test which utilises most measures of everyday functioning...something like that Test to check semantic memory...vocabulary ,naming objects and describing their meanings Man has read a paper and then shown another paper and asked which words were in the first paper...cue memory,normal recall memory,recognition
  14. PTSD startle response characteristic,can't remember other options Behavioural problems in a 3 yes old predict what,nocturnal incontinence,school refusal,antisocial etc Neurotic and mature defence mechanism Which is not one of gestalt principles Which is not one of the stages of grief Which comes under schizophrenia in icd 10,schizoaffective,schizophreniform,schizotypal,post schizo depression Interview techniques questions,I think transition,interpretation and respect statement Types if attention(no clue )
  15. It says in one of the courses that motorists who drive with in speed limits are not fined by police and it's negative reinforcement as negative behaviour has been prevented...I can't get my head round it...does everyone agree with this answer? Or does anyone have a better explanation?