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  1. 51% of consultant dont have any awards. The average award held is level 4. It is easier for academics to reach the national awards especially if you are expert in your field. You have to have some national contribution to get any of the national award. Local awards are different and I have seen non academics reaching the highest local awards (level 7 which is equal to national Bronze award). BMA is pushing to make them contractual.
  2. I am not sure why Amisulpride is not listed as one of the option. Its first line of treatment for majority of my patients. I have many patients who were intolerant to Clozapine byt benefitted by reduction of Clozapine and adding some Amisulpride. This helped with the compliance as well due to reduced side effects.
  3. You will need the test later on for citizenship but dont need now if under the judicial review cases.
  4. The problem is that this site is meant for trainees to help pass the exams. There is little in here for people to stay on once they have passed. The fora for general use are dominated by south Asian specific content. While thats not a problem for me and I sometime come to check for these contents, Local trainees leave the site as soon as they pass the exams and the site loses people who can be very valuable for the site as well as people preparing for the exams. Webmaster can inspire from other websites and can make it attractive for post exams psychiatrists so that everyone can benefit from them. It may mean contacting getting sponsorships from Pharmaceuticals to get some surveys or specific fora for SpRs or consultants to discuss thier issues. If they are there and there is some dicussion going on, I probably will sign in more often than current rate of around once a week.
  5. I have some patients on depot antipsychotics who have bipolar disorder and some who have their medications monitored every day by a nursing agency. One go to a chemist every day to take his medications. Depot wise, my choice is Flupentixol as it is supposed to have some antidepressant effect also but have two on Haloperidol and one on Risperdal also. I work in AOT so have more difficult to treat patients with me.
  6. Have people read FIN 11 study? They studied the mortality rates in Schizophrenia in Finland for 11 years and now this study is regarded as one of very important survival study in Schizophrenia. The study clearly shows the highest mortality rate in non medicated groups and lowest in patients treated with Clozapine. There was no difference in older style and newer antipsychotics. So even though the medication have lots of side effects, you are still prolonging their lives by prescribing antipsychotics.
  7. If people think psychotropic medication dont work and they dont improve the quality of life for the patient, they need to work in Assertive Outreach Teams. Sure there are side effects but you have to compare them with the quality of life without the treatment. I work in an AOT and most of the patients I get are treatment resistant, treatment intolerant or non adherent patients. Once they start engaging, you can see the change in the quality of life for them. From someone stuck in their flat or hospital ward 24/7 due to prominant positive/negative symptoms to the other extreme of patient getting discharged from AOT back to CMHTs. My best example is of a patient who treatment resistant illness and was stuck in her flat feeling paranoid all the time but responded well to depot injection and CTO and now for first time in her life, driving a car. She is driving around to see her family which she hadnt done for 12 years and supporting her mum to attend hospital appointments who has developed breast cancer. There are loads of examples like her. 3-4 of my patients are holding part time jobs and one full time job after many years of not working. You can do a lot in spite of what you may think. People talk about psychological, psychosocial and recovery model in AOT a lot but they all can work only if the symptoms are controlled adequately. That is your job and no one else can do it. If you do it well, everything else will fall in place.
  8. You will have to take Life in UK test before citizenship even if you are on HSMP under the judicial review.
  9. Even if you are under the judicial review, you will have to take the test when you apply for citizenship. You cant avoid it so better to take it whenever you can. I was also under the judicial review but needed the test anyway.
  10. PIO is soon to be abolished, only OCI will be left. Read it on TOI website. Not sure when this will happen though.
  11. I am sorry I dont visit here that often. Not sure if you got the account by now but HSBC do 18 months of free business account compared to 12 months with other banks.
  12. Hi everyone, I got ILR in end October but was told that the immigration restrictions have been removed from April. When I applied for child benefits, they said child benefits could conly be claimed from November and not from April. Does anyone has had any problem like this and what was the solution? If this is the rule, I am ok but if not, I would like to know if anyone has been paid from the date immigration restrictions were removed.
  13. I had a limited company for a short while on HSMP. When I applied for ILR, I was in full time employment again. I just submitted the reciept of paid invoices and the business account statement for the duration I worked for the company. Was not asked for anything else. Some other people mentioned that they sent the tax returns as well and the documents were certified by the accountant. Your case is different than mine as you are still working in the company. I am sure if the other paperwork is in order, just bank statements and paid invoice reciepts (the pay slip you get from the locum company that you have been paid) should be enough but thats just my view. It was good enough for me.
  14. Thanks for your replies. She is 68 this month but not financially dependant on us as she herself is income tax payer in India. Only reason we want her here is because of her physical health which is a very big concern for all of us. She does not have any other support in India and has to do things herself which makes her more stressed and unwell. I will try to find a good immigration lawyer myself unless someone has any names in mind. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know much about this? my wife and I have recently got ILR and back dated letter confirming eligibility for citizenship by April 2010. My wifes' mum lives alone in Delhi and has no other children apart from my wife. She remains physically very unwell most of the time. If she remains there, we all worry about her health constantly and my wife calls her at least twice a week. My query is that, is my wife allowed to get her mum here on dependant visa when she is on ILR or it will have to wait till she gets her citizenship (which is actually not that far away). Thanks for any help.