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  1. are you a GP trainee or a Psychiatry trainee? good points though
  2. Drjagan, So did your trust solicitor, MDU solicitor or anyone attended court/inquest with you in a supportive capacity? Or did you attend it on your own? cheers
  3. 4 hours on the road, mate you must have the patience of the devil. Good luck with the podcasts but please do observe the road ahead,just do not stare! The roads are getting scary, may be its the MMC to blame partly!!
  4. 'Practical art of suicide assessment' wow what a punch line! Should have sold quite a few books.Has it made any difference in the suicide rates in the country do you think??
  5. thanks my friend, I didn't know that.You have opened my eyes today. cheers
  6. Hi mp3, You could have just posted the link instead of copying all this material about 'laughing gas'. You could have saved so much time and energy.Anyway where did you get the info from? I mean from which book/journal? cheers
  7. I am preparing for USMLE step 1. I am working and living i cardiff but visit my in laws in london quite often.Probably we could discuss stuff about exam preparation etc. cheers
  8. signed in today, thanks
  9. I passed this 'Life in the UK ' test recently.I feel you need to study the book throughly or else there is a chance that you will fail. It was an interesting exam though, the whole process on the exam day takes around 3 hours. best of luck to those who are taking this test!
  10. its called 'HAWALA' in hindi. Beware hawala is illegal!
  11. j, are you an IMG or a local grad?
  12. mate, I dont think US is a good option! The stress of USMLE exams, the scramble for residencies after that, the discrimination you face there as an IMG(believe me my friends there have faced it), and several years of hard training approx 100 hr per week work for 2000 dollars a month salary, its a gloomy picture there. And the residency is also not a run through as we are led to believe,the programme director can kick you out of the programme if he particularly doesnt like you! This is the info I have got from forums and friends, correct me if Iam wrong. cheers
  13. and if u have time and can take out a few more days staying in India I would recommend Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan.I had actually planned a extensive holiday in India this nov-dec but unfortunately for me I had to cancel it due to personal reasons.I have also lost £300 in total on the cancelled flight tickets,Iam gutted but am determined to make the trip next year. Have a nice time mate cheers
  14. 'rolling locum'?? good for you mate
  15. and mentioning about the costs incurred on you going out with your partner/girlfriend etc etc also is good ammo mate. keep the pressure up and you will get results.But have you got any plans how you are going to survive your 3rd month widout salary?? :-? anyway best of luck