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  1. Hi, does any one know the stations that came up in Singapore this year? Thanks
  2. WE is characterized by the triad of altered mental status, ataxia, and ophthalmoplegia, but only 16% of patients present with the full classic triad of symptoms [5]. Mental status changes are the most frequent findings in these patients (82%), followed by ocular findings (29%) and ataxia (23%)
  3. Thank you for posting so many questions and sorry for delayed response. I must say you have got a brill memory. I am still struggling to remember anything in addition to your 81 questions. Shall we discuss the difficult ones with their answers? 1. Augmenting Clozapine, like you, I also marked Amisulpride, but I am not sure if its the right answer coz the patient had weight gain and dyslipidemia, and Aripiprazole seems more reasonable but again there is more evidence for amisulpiride (if weight gain is not an issue?) 2. Equal incidence, very tricky one, coz all of them have increased incidence in females, I put hyperchondriasis? 3. Wernekes, again I made a mistake, I put ataxia and confusion, correct answer is confusion and optholmoplegia 4. autism children cannot perceive objects as a whole .what is this phenomenon.....Hypersystemisation 5. Haloperidol and sertraline OD, Serotonin syndrome, coz onset's quite acute
  4. Any more questions please?
  5. All of these disorders have higher prevalence in females but I went for Hypochondriasis as others seemed perhaps more common in females. In wernekes, confusion with optholmoplegia is more common presentation than the rest of the options. I put confusion with Ataxia which is wrong.
  6. Thank you for posting these. Would appreciate if you post more.
  7. It was very lengthy and questions were quite unusual.
  8. 18th
  9. Exactly ..thats what I thought. There were 3 candidates in my circuit who thought she didn't have psychotic symptoms (mood congruent delusions..leaukemia) and that it was just depression and didn't require antipsychotics, which I disagreed.
  10. Cool. Circuit 1 & 3 or 2 & 4?
  11. Thanks CH Ting. Same to you. Which day u did yours?
  12. Hi, Wasn't it postnatal depression with psychosis? She believed her son got leukaemia & even had thoughts of ending his life to 'relieve him from suffering'
  13. Hello Dr. Hayat, I am preparing for September but I'll be happy to practce with you through Skype. 

    Mohamed Adam

    1. DrHayat123


      Hello mohamed. Thanks for your messege. Sounds good. Whats your skype? Have you attempted it previously? 



  14. Hello all, I am a UK trained doc. I am looking for a study partner for upcoming Singapore CASC (June). I am based here in the UK & could do face to face or skype. Please contact me here and I will send you my contact details Thanks
  15. Hi, I am doing Singapore CASC this june and looking for study partner via skype or face to face. Thanks