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  1. Have a look in this thread for additional information on DGM.
  2. I did the exam in 2008-2009. From my reading on the website the examination has not changed much. They don't seem to have any time limit on when you did your Geriatrics/Old age Psych posting. However I can tell if you haven't recently worked in any one of these fields you have to put in a bit of extra effort to pass. Written exam : 90 MCQ's. Main materials I used : Oxford handbook of geriatric medicine, lecture notes in geriatrics. Work through MRCP questions mentioning patients' age above 65. Preparation time: If working full time start 3 months before, more intensive in last 4 weeks. If you have good medical experience lesser time is needed. Clinical exam: Again PACES stations with patients above 65 should be starting point. Attending Geriatric clinics, brushing up physical examination skills and seeing some patients with positive findings in a geriatric ward( Aortic stenosis, fibrosis, Psoriasis, Parkinson's, Common types of stroke) will all help. Having no medical experience in this country should not put you off. I didn't have any but you have to take that in to account in allowing preparation time. I failed the clinicals first time but passed it in second attempt. All in all a good exam to take if you are a Old age Psychiatrist or GP.Treat it with respect and you can get through! Good luck!
  3. Yes. I got the passports back safely in two weeks ( for the second stage of OCI).
  4. Hi, just wanted to know if you sent your passports by post and did you manage to get them back safely? I am just wondering whether to go down in person or not. Grateful for advice.
  5. For those without MRCPsych MBBS(if studied in English) should be enough to prove it. However UKNARIC might charge a fee to issue a comparability certificate!!
  6. Those awesome backfoot drives on the up! Fabulous to watch. How frustrating it must have been for him when folks like Azhar, Vengsarkar and Kapildev were giving away wickets easily at the other end instead of just trying to be there and support him. It is easy to understand that when he became a senior why he put so much price on his wicket and cut down risks!!
  7. It's strange you should mention that perth innings sagir! I just got to watch it in youtube. See it before it goes!
  8. You are right Siva, I think the jurisdiction rule only applies to the consulates in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Cardiff. With London being the high commission they probably accept applications all over the country. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. I don't think you can choose where to go with OCI applications. You can only submit in those consulates which serves your county. I submitted mine in Birmingham 1st week of July. It just says "dispatched from Delhi" in the website today. It might be another week or so before it arrives here. I would agree that submission process in Birmingham is a nightmare! I chose to go in person after hearing some stories like Sagir's. I went there at 8.15 am ( there was a big queue already) by the time I came out it was 4.15 pm!! I am planning to send my passports next stage in Special delivery as Friends say there is usually no problem once your card arrives in the Consulate. Fingers crossed!!
  10. I went for ISC medical three years ago. They had only 6 participants for the whole day. So you get individual attention and opportunity to practise. It helped but to get the most out of it you should probably do it atleast 2 months before you start attending Interviews. This gives enough time to practise well.
  11. I can certainly vouch for point no.4! I know 2 who have left for India and 1 who has gone to Canada.
  12. Kris - The reality is the public expectation and the pressure on GMC, Royal colleges to act is enormous. It is not only on the doctors in training but Consultants too. The electronic appraisal documents I am preparing for my appraisal are not hugely different from what I did as an ST6 2 years ago! Most of our peer groups are spent on formal CBD sessions marking each other. Revalidation has changed the landscape. Coming back to your Driving test analogy - You can't expect to drive an HGV after passing the test for driving a car. PLAB is equivalent of your car driving test while CASC & the exit exam is probably your HGV! From the GMC's point of view exit exams are going to be one more way of reassuring the public that Senior doctors are checked at multiple levels before they become Consultants. Many specialties are doing it already and they want to make it standard. I am an IMG. I have gone through all the difficulties you mention and I completely understand your view point. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THE POST IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE HIGHER FOR IMG'S NOT ONLY HERE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Locally trained graduates are assumed to be good unless proved otherwise. As an IMG it is up to us to prove we are good!
  13. If you are asking for the sake of time, allow yourselves plenty of it. First step is the Citizenship test if you have not already done it. Next as suggested have a good look at the UKBA website to get up to date information. Once you have everything in hand you can choose to use the 'Nationality checking service' which is provided in many councils. They will charge a fee but the advantage is you won't have send your original passport with the application. It can take anywhere between 2-6 months to get a letter approving your citizenship. Most people tend to get it by 4 months. The letter instructs you to call your local council to arrange for ceremony. Public ceremonies are free but takes place once every 2-3 months in most councils. Private ceremony costs about 90£. the date of ceremony is the date you become british citizen. The next step is to apply for the british passport. Forms available in all post offices. Send the required documents( mainly citizenship certificate) . They will send a letter for interview within 2-3 weeks. Once interview done passport arrives within a week. As already mentioned for the initial application and passport you will need a referee who is a british citizen ( i think they should have known you personally for 2 years not 5 as mentioned in above posts) All the best!
  14. The only thing I can see that you may not have as an ST6 but is ESSENTIAL for revalidation is patient feedback. Check with your TPD and find some way of getting this done.
  15. http://www.espncrici...ory/598402.html A very interesting nostalgic piece about Sachin. I could very much identify myself in this piece ( may be I am a couple of years older than the person described in this!). I have had the pleasure of watching Sachin from 1992 to now. I clearly remember waking up to that magnificient innings against Newzealand ( where his strike rate was 160+ chasing a small total where the next best strike rate was 65 I think). That innings changed the shape of the Indian ODI team forever! Thank you Sachin for all the memories you have given us over the years in ODI's! Those of us who have watched Indian Cricket Pre-Sachin can understand the magnitude of your impact!!