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  1. Hi this is life , they emailed abt the result to be published at 3:00 pm instead of normal 10:00 am . That's why they emailed plus they have also changed the dates of the next casc . If u read at the bottom of the email you will see that and compare it with their calendar on their website .
  2. Hi jms , I hope u make it this time . Which day were you this time . Frankly speaking I think you have been extremely unlucky if u missed by one station in previous attempts . My prayers are with you and hopefully you will be fine this time. Sometimes I wonder what do they want from us in 7 minutes . It's a very tough way to judge . When one follows the task they fail as they didn't show empathy . When one is empathetic , he or she fails bc he or she did not cover all the task and he did not manage time well. The problem is the pen in front of the examiner and his thinking at the time . Hope we both make it this time
  3. Hi jms and what's your gut feeling ?
  4. It's unfounded , last exam the examiner kept writing everything for my history of head injury . At the end I passed it comfortably . This time in anorexia nervosa station he was writing everything . Doesn't mean I've failed the station as the information was correct . Some put tick marks in between . Some don't write anything and simply stare at you . I saw a couple of them ticking in the middle . I saw two of them ticking the pass or clear pass . It's irrelevant what they are doing . What's relevant is what u did and whether it was fluent , structured , having empathy and most importantly covered the task
  5. Dear Hashim , some examiners like to write things to not forget what candidate has said and mark it later depending on whether u covered all the areas or enough to make u pass .
  6. Hi , Can someone shed some light on the Person who tried to hang himself on Thursday ? What was the task and what were the positive findings ?
  7. Thank you very much kartgosu, Can i ask you one final favour. i couldnt pass the wandering station , can you shed some light on how did you approach the staion? would be really thank and thanks a lot for helping us and how did you prepare for the exam? And the Pseudodementia staion.... I promise i wont ask about any other staion , that was the single staion, i just feel you are tremendous help especially your explanations are spot on...
  8. Can someone please shed light on borderline girl who cut herself. Anyone who passed the station how did they approach that ? I would be grateful Ca u please explain the borderline girl who cut herself , how did u approach that station ? I didn't pass it and I don't know why .
  9. Is there a chance that we can recheck even paying 120 pounds . Can we do that ?
  10. The stations are numbered the same . It depends from where u start . Once I have the result I can discuss with you . But the result would come in the way they have ordered the stations .
  11. Hi , I haven't received my results yet. I haven't passed but I can go through all the stations with u when I get my result . If that's ok with you ? I'll get it by Tuesday . Lemme know if that suits .
  12. Can i know what was the exact staion ? i mean what was the main task of the staion.? and then we can solve it
  13. Can anyone shed some light on this staion and how to approach it ?
  14. Antihistamines and diuretics prolong the qtc , plus quetiapine also prolongs the qtc. I havent seen this station myself. If there is bradycardia and HR of 33 and also if tall stented T waves, what i would also look for is for Heart block. But in this staion the most important Phrase is Prolonged Qtc can cause some complications like abnormal rhythm in the heart and can be Fatal if not treated and identified . In this case refer to Cardiology immediately and in this case important that patient should not wait at all. Cardiologist is going to look into his other medications like antihistamines and diuretics and from Psychiatric point of view we will start aripiprazole with no prolonged qtc later on. Before starting this station the best approach is to ask about any cardiac symptoms and also his mental health since he started on quetiapine . The next thing is to comment on rate and rhythm of the ecg and then explain about qtc interval. Hope it helps.... The other thing i worry about is Such tall tented T waves , heart rates so slow, did someone look at the ST segment elevation at all ? Could it not be that he is having a silent MI, as he is also on anti diabetics as this staions has come previously and candidates missed the ST segment elevation as everyone is ready to look at the prolonged qtc