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  1. Hey guys from experience - which resources are recommended for critical appraisal?
  2. Hi Guys With 5 days remaining before paper B, I have not studied well. Any tips for last minute cramming- which may help even 5 %?? thanks
  3. Hi I'm curious whether the scope for private practice is greater in Gen Adult v Forensics?
  4. are spmm stats videos worth doing?
  5. For those that passed, any advice about how to best prepare?
  6. any advice about how to prepare well for april?.
  7. I thought it was horrible ( probably due to my lack of sufficient prep).
  8. In regards to the critical appraisal questions-are they mainly study questions? / or are there random MCQ's unrelated to a case also?
  9. never heard of this website. i will stick with spmm
  10. You will hear people telling you different things- everyone has different study styles. Personally - i did SPMM questions and mocks at least 4-5 times-it was enough to pass paper A. If you have time - read the notes for human development, social psychology and socio cultural. otherwise questions, questions!.
  11. very sad.
  12. Hi guys Is MRCPsych mentor any good for paper B?
  13. what was the last EMI in A1? ( i forget the question)
  14. MCQ

    Hi I'm a bit confused about the safest diuretics to use with Lithium. According to my notes - potassium sparing are the preferred option and there is mention of Amiloride being the best choice. However, in several MCQ'S I've noticed that 'furosemide' seems pretty popular ( even if amiloride is listed). Furosemide is noted as the answer for the below. any views? A 60-year-old gentleman has bipolar affective disorder and is on Lithium . He has recently developed systemic hypertension. Which one among the following is the most appropriate drug to treat his hypertension? Bendroflumethiazide Amiloride Captopril Furosemide Chlorthalidone
  15. is spmm questions enough for paper A?