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  1. I have taken a written exam 6 times which is the max number. Is the college strict in allowing further attempts? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, for those that have SPMM mocks - can anyone help to explain the calculation / steps involved in getting the post test probability. for Q24 in the 2019 mock. thanks
  3. Hi

    I hope you are well. sorry for the random message.

    I noticed some of your paper B posts. I have the exam in 3 weeks time- and wanted advice about prep? which questions banks/notes would you recommend?.im very bad with stats/ c appraisal

    many thanks

  4. How much more per month does a speciality doctor earn compared to a CT3- on average?
  5. any advice for someone that has left critical appraisal until the last minute - 1 day left. what shall I do?
  6. with less than 11 days until paper B, any last minute prep advice? what of focus on?
  7. Hi Guys Does anyone know what the opportunities are like in the UAE/ middle east for MRCPsych Drs / consultants?.
  8. If a core trainee would like to work in both forensic and general adult following after training - then what does this entail - in terms of higher training etc. Is there an exit exam?.
  9. Hey guys from experience - which resources are recommended for critical appraisal?
  10. Hi Guys With 5 days remaining before paper B, I have not studied well. Any tips for last minute cramming- which may help even 5 %?? thanks
  11. Hi I'm curious whether the scope for private practice is greater in Gen Adult v Forensics?
  12. are spmm stats videos worth doing?
  13. For those that passed, any advice about how to best prepare?
  14. any advice about how to prepare well for april?.
  15. I thought it was horrible ( probably due to my lack of sufficient prep).