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  1. Potent ligand for the alpha-2-delta subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels in the central nervous system
  2. I'm not so sure what their role will be in psychiatry though I am happy for anyone to take bloods and take them to the lab for me.
  3. If you are a UK or EU citizen you can do distance Msc with a number of universities in Europe without needing to pay. I know for a fact that this is possible in Sweden and Norway . There's info online.
  4. Will look out for that one. Watched Shutter Island recently that too is interesting.
  5. don't know if anybody is still looking at this thread but seeing as i am new and need to make 5 posts here is my contribution. I no longer pay for BT/SKY TV whatever they are as I found a new way called Set top boxes . Ebay and amazon is awash with them .Just do a bit of research .
  6. Hi , just found out about this site. I'm preparing for paper B in April. Hello everyone