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  1. First I read The Doctor's Guide To Critical Appraisal- explains statistic and research in a very simple manner. (. My stats and research was atrocious) Then I subscribed to Psych Evidence. I opted for the 1 month course. Just key in this link and you will get all the information you need: Hope this helps
  2. Please read SPMM and Birmingham stats and critical appraisal questions again and again. Do the exam questions too. That's what I did. Practice and practice. That helped me pass. Also enrol on the Psych evidence Stats and research course if you have difficulties with statistics and really helped me. Some of the abstracts were from the past year questions but the question themes were different. I attempted the EMIs first, gave myself about 40 mins for EMIs, then went on to the other questions , 50 mins and spent the rest on the stats 90 mins . Good luck everyone!
  3. Pica can lead to lead poisoning
  4. Accepting ( failure to reject) the Null Hypothesis when its false means rejecting the alternate hypothesis (when its actually true) Type II Error so in terms of the results we will get a False Negative result. The opposite for Type 1 Error, rejecting the Null Hypothesis when it's true will give you a False Positive result or Type 1 Error The power of a study: When a study is planned, it is done to prove that there is a difference in the intervention not by chance but because of the intervention . The Null Hypothesis states that whatever difference that exists , exists by chance only. Thus a power of a study is the probability to find that per specified difference when one truly exists( not by chance). Thus proving the Null Hypothesis is false. Hope this helps
  5. I went on the net and checked. A few articles mentioned TD for both
  6. Controlled Trials
  7. Both lithium and metaclopromide can cause Tardive Dyskinesia Is TD given as an option? If not , NMS , I suppose
  8. Yes But SPMM , I think has given the answer as 6-8 hours which doesn't make sense really So yes, Cocaine 1-3 days LSD 1-3 days
  9. Cocaine 6-8 hrs, it's metabolites 1-3 days LSD 1 day, so I guess it should be 1-3 days
  10. In Humans. Numerous studies have noted an association between first trimester administration of lithium carbonate and incidence of cardiovascular malformations such as Ebstein's anomaly in the neonates.[39-41] The International Register of Lithium Babies was started in 1968 to assess this potential teratogenicity of lithium in humans.[42] As of 1980, 225 infants who had been exposed to lithium during the first 3 months of prenatal life or longer were included in the register. Among these, 18 infants had the rare Ebstein's anomaly (6 cases) and other anomalies of the cardiovascular system (12 cases); 7 were stillborn; 2 had Down syndrome; and 1 had intracerebral toxoplasmosis. The data from the register suggest an incidence rate of 0.1% for Ebstein's anomaly, which is approximately 20 times the risk in the general population. Another report of data from 1970 to 1985 details nine cases of Ebstein's anomaly in the United States out of an estimated 9,000 exposures.[39] Therefore, it appears that risk of fetal malformation, especially pertaining to the cardiovascular system, is increased by first trimester lithium administration.[43] Risk is 0.1% or 1 in 10 Relative risk is 10-20 times Absolute risk is 1:1000
  11. Mild depression : CBT Moderate : CBT if it fails then add an SSRI Severe depression :CBT and SSRI
  12. Apathy is more characteristic of sub cortical dementia, I would probably choose apathy. Any other opinions.
  13. 80%