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  1. my long case was long term OCD Observed intervew: General MSE, focus on OCD Management: they let me do it in detail and NICE guidlines were disccused especially how you choose between medication and psychological treatment. Aeteology: brain damage and OCD. How relevant is that? Which hemisphere of the brain is relevant? Prognosis in this case Prognosis in a newly diagnosed case
  2. 3rd PMP: a 44 year old with abdominal pain. a consultant gastroenterologist refers her to you saying he could not find any cause for her pains> Asssess and manage Questions: what is the difference between somatisation and hypochondriasis and between malingering and factitious How you treat somatisation? What medication would you give for pain?
  3. the second PMP was about a 32 y old refugee at police station for pocket picking. strange behaviour(or some thing like this)had history of admission a year ago in hospital> Assess and manage Questions: what organic causes...? would you consider any culture bound syndrom? if he needs amission what legal powers would you use? if the police does not press charges and he refuses admission how you admitt him? How you treat him on the ward
  4. my first PMP was a 40 y old man admitted on medical ward for tummy pain. 2 days later he was agitated and disorientated. Assess and manage Questions: how you treat DT? what is the long term treatment for alcohol dependence?
  5. 22. EEG in Delerium shows an increase in theta waves. true. EEG in delirium shows diffuse slow waves which includes theta
  6. 31. Behavioural problems are present in 20% of patients with severe LD false. in 50%
  7. cocaine enhances the release of 5-HT. true. cocaine does both, blocks re-uptake and also releases serotonione
  8. An imperforate anus at birth suggests Down’s syndrome false. looked at few text books, no one mentions imperforate a.
  9. krawiecka-manchester test is self reporting? false. it is an observer scale.
  10. 1. Transference phenomena do not affect the therapist false. it does. remember, when erotic feelings were emerged by Anna, towards Breuer. What he did? are you asking? He took his wife for a second honeymoon(probably in Alpen) to reassure them both!! Introduction to psychtherapy- Bateman, Brown and Pedder
  11. 3.In group therapy sometimes an external enemy is discussed. it is true. this is a defensive group culture. there will be assumption of the threat to the group e.g. by an enemy!
  12. 4.In group therapy a topic is analysed. this is true. Bion had 2 methods of working; work group and basic assumptions. In the work group, the group works on a 'task'. I assume this task could be any topic!! :-[. see examination notes by Buckley-4th edition.
  13. 6.Extinction occurs as part of stimulus generalization. false. these two are different. Extiction occurs when the conditioned response(Salivation) gradually disappears when the 'bell' repeatedly rings without the 'food' being presented genralization occur when another similar stimuli generate the same conditioned response
  14. 146. Wernike's should be treated with high dose oral thiamine. f. parentral as the orally absorbed amount is limited. 'there is doubt about the usefulness of oral replacement'- Maudsley prescribing Giudlines 7th Edition
  15. Less than 10% of patients with Parkinsons disease will develop psychotic symptoms during the course of their illness. f. about 30%- sorry.. don't know the reference