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  1. I guess moral of story is giving up is not easy as well. Tip for CASC is ; Start preparing from day 1 & pray for success from Day 1 az well...) I think with Misbah ul haq being consistent and hard working he earned more respect & success. Afridi ...hmmm...sometime being lucky alone cannot solve all problems...)
  2. I do remember when i failed Paper 3 second time, I changed my user name to "far from MRCPSych" and "zero1". My husband told me next attempt will be your last attempt, than never talk about exam again. I told him irrespective of the fact that I pass or fail, I will keep giving on next attempt otherwise what will I tell my children if I had given next attempt I would have passed.....Hope it does make sense.
  3. Recieved my result today - what a narrow escape passed 12 station only ( Shukkar Allah ) I gave exam on first day 21st. jan circuit 2. passed all linked station. (please with this ) failed following single stations (the ones i was worried about ) : 1. MSE of psychotic man - cannot understand why & i did explore as much as i could but by the time actor gae clue bell rang and i started covering risk .(he should have passed me ) 2. Explain CT scan to daughter- i think i failed coz of bad communication when daughter asked "will this kill her ? " I said "it is very difficult to say whether it will kill her." I saw examiner expression changing and him writing at that time. Also I think I was mixing the future managment plan, first i said we will involve surgeon, than medics , I was reading CT scan report whilst she was talking - as if it was real and not exam. BUT the actor was putting me on spot question answer session. 3. Necessary cognitive and physcial examination in alcholic man - the actor was difficult he did not go on the couch and I was confuse as well what to do in physcial examination and what not to do. 4. Explore the psychopathology of man who heard his neghbour voice & something like panic attack whilst outside with his wife today morning. - Again I don't know why fail examiner could have given me borderline pass as i explored all mood, previous psychiatric history and reached as far as alcohol history, actor told me he had last drink 2 days ago and last night. I didn't tell him it can be alcohol hallucinosis. But the examiner was busy doing her make up and did not seem to concentrate, it was last station and 17:30. BUT Thank GOD it is over 'such a subjective exam'..
  4. Yes in last two weeks before CASC I only did practice for at least 3-4hrs. but 4 stations in a row ( CASC style MOCK ) in two different group. unfortunately I did not have any study group , but only two different study partners on SKYPE (one in India & other in Scotland). On a positive note I felt I got more chance to practice in a group of 2. Thankfully, my other two colleagues passed as well. other things which i found helpful were : 1. recording myself on i pad, than critical review. 2. Practice stations with consultant and colleagues who passed. 3. combination of Oxford CASC course communication skill & structured material of SPMM (checklist) is very helpful. 4. SPMM Mock very useful, i failed (only passed 9 stations) but found it more difficult than actual CASC. hope this is useful for future candidate.
  5. I still haven't recieved my result by post, looks like everyone else has getting worriednow..)
  6. Hi I passed my exam in first attempt (Shukkar Allah), I am non UK , non European graduate. I did on first day. My opinion is : 1. for this exam one has to start preparing from Day1 of psychiatry. 2. Biggest responsibility lies on the shoulder of our Clinical Supervisors and College as well. They should focus on communication skills and everything else want to test ( history taking, Risk assessment, difficult relative, mental state) from Day 1. Scrutinize our bad habits, our assessment.Only CASC should be the focus of weekly supervision during these three - four years of training.Deanery should arrange MOCK CASC in year 1,2 &3. I strongly believe we all have the potential but the system does not help. After passing Paper 3 poor candidate is left on his own to spend money (like anything) on CASC Courses and prepare everything in last 2-3months. 3. Than one has to be lucky that day. I must thank my Clinical Supervisor who did use to make me cry on my poor communication skills when I was core trainee & my training scheme who arranged MOCK and Communication skills course at CT1 & 2 levels. Dear Psychvision I think giving up is not an option, but may be taking a break and skipping one attempt - it did help me when I was failed Paper 3 twice. If you feel I can be of any help pls. do contact me. My suggestion would be take a break and than give one last attempt, which u have to pass. on a funny note - I remember the evening before CASC I only listened to motivational videos of famous politician Imran Khan (from Pakistan) and felt in attack mode that day. Between every station I kept on reminding myself his words , " are you here to win or loose because wining is a different mind set and trying not to loose puts one in defensive position." I didn't want these examiners and actors should not come between my victory(Shukkar Allah they did not). After every station I could hear him say, "just focus on this shot and forget everything". I feel that day it is game of nerves as well, especially for people like me who get anxious when threatened. I would also like to thank this very supportive forum as well & heartiest congratulation to those who passed..) I understand what failure does to very competent person but give one last shot you will Inshallah pass. Psychvision - This last attempt will Click for you (Inshallah)
  7. Thanks After life feeling slightly better ... coz on some stations the cubicle is so small that it is impossible to ignore the examiner...)
  8. i would like to send college one important feedback. The examiner should not start writing the feedback during exam, they have 90sc. enough time to write what they think about us.
  9. thanx a lo, indeed hard work in compiling it...)
  10. I am looking for study group/partner near MiltonKeynes. Please let me know if anyone is interested for study group on Skype. thank.
  11. Shukkar Allah I passed .. Passmarks 58.1% OMG mine 58.7% ...such a narrow escape..)
  12. Yes i hated that carers EMI.. gagain what was the logic....) Dr mam u rright it seemed pregnant lady wanted to stop methadone there and than,if it was simply giving adivce it would have been straight forward....)
  13. I m so glad as well now atleast i know what Celibacy is...)
  14. zero1, on 09 Oct 2013 - 07:15, said: note that she was taking 70 gm of methadone so i think tapering the dose was the appropriate answer Hi Sarah she only wanted advice and the worse part it 10week is first trimester. (if at all it has to be stopped it should be 2nd trimerster .i.e after 12 weeks (but i still think exam was so lengthy that one had no time to think twice .... )