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  1. Yaaaay... I passed ..
  2. Just remembered an MCQ: which of the following helps to reduce confounding? Amongst the options was " diversification" , if I remember correctly.. That's the one I chose
  3. Compared to other antidepressants, mirtazapine is less likely to cause sexual dysfunction/ side effects because of .......
  4. Also, MCQ asking what Ribot's Law is..
  5. I chose 5HT2C
  6. Yes, I think I chose Haloperidol as well..
  7. Yes, it's prefrontal cortex for initiative... It didn't just say frontal( it specified the areas...)
  8. For alcohol qts, I chose four times increase... But I guess it's higher, coz he has 2 affected relatives( father and aunt)... For initiative, i chose frontal area For reward, nucleus accumbens
  9. Are we done with the post-Mortem dissection of this exam?.!,
  10. Doesn't really matter.. 89% doesn't sound too bad Ho ho ho
  11. Methinks I chose DNA deletions
  12. Well, in either case, seems aneuploidy is incorrect.. I just googled it
  13. If I remember correctly, aneuploidy was a separate choice.. Micro deletions was separate Phenocopy separate.. ( aneuploidy and micro deletions are NOT one and the same).
  14. I was stuck between aneuploidy and microscopic deletions.. I randomly chose microscopic deletions in the end... Haven't looked it up yet..
  15. It was an emi qts, describing the method used to measure distance between loci or something like that... -Carbamazepine definitely raises Clozapine levels.. Check it out