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  1. I would refer to Moomins post regarding advice for paper B. certainly worked for me. try and study as much as you can with the critical appraisal . aim to do really well with the other clinical topics and at least pass the statistics part.
  2. Thanks izurmi. Well done on passing. What stat videos did you use?
  3. Congratulations to all who passed.thanks for all the information you guys recommend the superego website for stats videos?
  4. Dear Moomin, thank you very much for this info.. Can u please tell which online critical appraisal course did you find helpful? So stressed about paper B and where to study from!!!:((
  5. Hi, can you please advise what resources you used for Mrcpsych B...I plan to answer this next, can you please help ie tips to pass this paper, how to study for this paper, books to read, which courses helped you ? Thank you very much.

  6. Hi everyone, can anyone who has passed paper B, please guide as to which of the resources really helped them pass the exam? did you guys do any reading of any statistic book as well? Please help. many thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, would appreciate if anyone had tips on passing paper B Is there any particular resource to study critical appraisal? I am not very good at statistics and it's one of my fears as I think about paper B. Is spmm enough for paper B?
  8. Having answered the older version of paper 1 and now answered paper Aii... I was wondering how did candidates who answered both Ai and Aii on the same day find this? It's quite a big syllabus for paper A.
  9. Passed Paper A iI today. .hope to answer Paper B next year and then big one CASC
  10. Hi, I am a CT2 trainee based in the UK. I have just passed my paper Aii having done paper Ai last year. I have found this forum very useful although I must admit I haven't contributed to any posts so far. I hope to contribute now and the near future.