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  1. Thank u
  2. Please help!! Does anyone know if we will be given any options to choose the trust in a deanery or they will just fill the gap wherever they want.
  3. Thank you, I will contact them. Fishtail.
  4. Mine too same. I think 'interview complete' could be either selected or in the waiting list too
  5. No abnormalities but the patient will say he cannot see with his left eye while performing the examination. He refused to read the Snellen's chart, follow confrontation test and identify numbers of fingers with his left eye but he was fine with right eye.
  6. thank u, I failed the last one
  7. On my day I had 1.conversion 2. Frontal lobe Hx n mgmt then I don't remember which was 3rd & 4th stations on sequence because I have failed one of the these.
  8. Does anyone remember what was the order of paired stations on 21/01/16?
  9. Hi, I could only remember that the patient used to live with his brother in a ? Flat, Exploited by his brother, not eating and drinking but drinking alcohol, admitted under ? Section, raised LFT at admission, started on Clozapine for last 3 months. Since then slightly pleasant but still needs help while eating, drinking and personal care. Mom lives 30 miles away, full time worker, father alcoholic doesn't work and stays at home. mother wants to take the patient home, decision made by the team that the patient can't go home, inform the mother.
  10. Hi, I would ask patient to look straight and focus on the wall then inform that I'm going to shine light on your eye and will be coming closer to you, please feel free to blink and breath normally as you do. Ideally room light should be dim, before using ophthalmoscope make sure it is on, turn the number at '0' and the focus light should be full and bright then first shine the light on the patient's eye from a distance, once you see red reflex then go closer with the ophthalmoscope and look the optic disc. if u r looking at patient's right eye then use your right eye and right hand to stabilise the ophthalmoscope.... If this is not clear may be u can get in you tube.
  11. I think the question was, few episodes of Depression in the past, he was started on Fluoxetine on 20mg then increased to 40mg, didn't work and started on Venlafaxine 150 mg by GP. I don't think he had psychosis, he said Venlafaxine has slightly improved the symptoms but not much, he was ready to do anything to get better. Had few episodes of Depression in the past, not tried any other melds except fluoxetine and venlafaxine, no talking therapies in the past.
  12. Paired questions 1 delirium tremens : MSE & take alcohol history 2 management to the nurse 3 conversion: hx focusing on visual loss and examination 4 talk to mum: few collateral history, diagnosis, answer concerns, no management discussion 5 on fluoxetine, wants to come off Fluoxetine 6 talk to wife, address concerns 7 head injury history 8 cognitive assessment related to the history from mom singles mania: mse multiple drug use: take hx to assess harmful cause schizophrenia : angry mom wants to take son home LD with Downs: hx to assess dementia wandering: assess risk of wandering, tell daughter if mom can be taken home depression on venlafaxine: discuss investigation, management agoraphobia: tell about agoraphobia, desensitisation girl stabbed herself, at a & e: assess suicidal risk
  13. Do u mean 8th?
  14. Anyone who did on 8th of September?
  15. For me personally I'm quite poor in statics and it was daunting therefore I tried to focus not only on it but also the other subspecialities so that I could gain extra marks and cover for the statistics. I just went through MRCPsych mentor first for the base then went through SPMM papers. If any confusion then my reference book was OXford hand book for Psychiatry. For Statistics I read "the Doctor's guide to critical appraisal" first then did the questions from SPMM. Also I did online SPMM mock prior to exams. Some people do attend critical appraisal courses too and the feedback are really good.
  16. Mine was on 8th September I found it quite confusing in a way that how much to ask. I just tried to flow with the patient but I think I missed a lot of important questions.
  17. Me too not sure what I was supposed to do and what I did
  18. Hi I'm CT3, this site has been really helpful for me especially for my exams
  19. Me too schizoid despite it doesn't fits...
  20. Q. A woman lives alone, no friends but likes to make friends ( dependant/ schizoid ???) Please help with this question if anyone remembers...