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  1. Going back to your first case scenario - why does mca or mha confusion come into the picture at all if the reason for patient's agitation has an organic basis. he should be treated under common law. you wouldn't go and assess someone who is drunk & agitated to certify that he lacks capacity. keep things simple. also mha is for mental health and overrides mca
  2. i believe it depends on the number of hours but the peer group should approve the credits. correct me if i'm wrong
  3. Gosh that must have been frightening. I remember being (almost) assaulted in our PICU long ago - i was visibly shaken. If you have been assaulted it's obvious that it would have had a huge impact on you Time for atleast 2 weeks compassionate leave seriously! Make sure you document everything that happened in the patient's notes and keep a photocopy. Please visit your GP for a quick check especially if you have sustained a minor injury. talk to BMA and your rotation's SHO rep. The SHO rep should flag this issue during the trust meetings (clinical governance) etc Such assaults are infrequent - so don't lose hope. Things will get better soon. Good luck
  4. Not yet, it's still christmas
  5. solid reliable safe car but depends on the individual car's current condition
  6. hi simurgh - Your own bank will probably be the most friendly one. In terms of deposit pay as much as you can. with the rate go for variable rate as the interest rates are likely to around instead of accepting the offer from your estate agent's mortgage advisor. compare mortgages on good luck
  7. no change in mine
  8. Sorry what is this about????!!
  9. green comments to what/where mp3
  10. Interesting - millions surviving with £1 a day and on the other hand this huge project. if they could complete the moon project, i'm sure this antidote to google should not be a major problem. people who criticize isro for spending on this technology instead of feeding the poor would be short sighted as this technology will help rural and urban planning in the long run which will hopefully lead to reduction in the poorly resourced regions of india. Good Luck India, March ahead
  11. Typical media hype. as chris says it is rather reassuring for us that these people were not any more 'odd' than the normals but the public after watching this program would probably be s**t scared about the people around them
  13. that's cheating. this kind of behaviour is unacceptable in the NHS
  14. hello Mental - i guess there is no reason for you to go mental over this as each trust decides it's own rota and there is no central control over it. it's a free society mate get used to it. sorry just kidding see if you can find some nice colleague who is more understanding than your medical staffing
  15. your trust needs olanzapine! whether they consider you spr or not you are one. you have mrcpsych and hopefully section12 and you are working towards becoming a consultant - if you need any experience it's to learn how to stay away from the hospital and make safe decisions which is what consultants do. ask them to get the senior nurses to do weekends they'll bloody shut up. YOU SHOULD REFUSE TO DO 1st ONCALL and dont worry the worst thing that can happen is an enquiry