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  1. Dear guys, Did any of you sit the casc on Thursday 11th sept . Do you know the order of the stations especially the afternoon?
  2. I managed to scrape by this time. ~I was so annoyed that I messed up in stations that I knew; I guess anxiety had to do with it. Of the stations I passed, I remember feeling more calm and confident than before. But to avoid my mistake please don't forget breadth of the task..ie few screening questions. If I had done that I would have excelled. But thank god I was so close and passed!!!! To those who are close but on the other side..remember you can do it..just be confident and you will ace it..good luck!!!
  3. is it fail if for frontal lobe only did frontal lobe test and no mmse? i hope not because it's not i dont know mmse its just i thought question asked specifically for frontal lobe signs?
  4. Guys I completely forgot to Mmse or even mention Mmse on the frontal lobe afternoon station and I did the promitive reflexes wrong. Do you think that is a fail? For the fire setting I forgot to ask screen for Comorbid symptoms For wernicke I did truncal ataxia and he was unsteady so didn't do gait and I completely didn't do reflexes or sensation I also forgot some comorbid symptoms in erotomania!!! And so any more.. Just so frustrated why even with repeating exam so many times I still end up missing so many things even things I practiced
  5. where are u based? and whats your number? I have also sat the exams a couple of times.
  6. Is there anyone out there who live near Hull who would be interested to meet up face to face for some serious CASC revision? Please let me know ASAP:)
  7. Thank you very much for this inspirational behaviour..our struggle with the CASC is temporary..let us keep on going until we defeat it and we are CASC free:)
  8. I'm feeling exactly same as you relaxed mind but as Dalai Lama says: never give up, no matter what:) you can do it.you have the knowledge…you will shine..you do your best and let God do the rest
  9. I am uk Grad but why do I keep failing? It's all down to confidence and anxiety I think
  10. I am uk Grad but why do I keep failing? It's all down to confidence and anxiety I think
  11. Hi I have only taken my 1st attempt but is conviced to delusional intensity ! That college examiners will never ever fail a graduate from uk In my training it was an unspoken fact that I am an excellent trainee Failed and passed with borderline I am forced to believe that this is a created rather than my real performance result
  12. Thanx for your kind advice:)
  13. Thanks Aadil, so you didn't mention like delay in conduction? Just it's abnormal and you need to be seen by medics straight away? I don't know why I just felt I saw some st changes but I'm curious still know whether there was any? I know we don't need it to pass maybe as we could use your approach of it being abnormal and stopping medication but I don't know why I'm still so curious about this station much more than the others!! But thNks for your feedback.
  14. Part of our reflection is also thinking about how we deal with the unknown!!! there will always be unknown situation ..if not for exam how would we deal with it as st4? When there is no consultant how would be make difficult decisions? How will we prioritise?