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  1. Hello all! Just a bit of shameless self-publicity! I produced a short film promoting psychiatry as a career to med students and foundation trainees which was recently uploaded to the royal college website. I really wanted to evoke a sense of enthusiasm and kept it light and upbeat. Have a look here and hope you enjoy it!
  2. I also produced a short film promoting psychiatry. My aim was to try and make an upbeat video and give a more positive picture of psychiatry and to touch upon some of the myths. It's not an in-depth analysis of psychiatry but meant to give med students and foundation trainees a taster of psychiatry. I did suggest to the college to add it to the recruitment page but instead it's on the student associates page. Anyhow, if you get a chance, check it out! http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/discoverpsychiatry/studentassociates.aspx
  3. I read ages ago that the film was shot at double the normal FPS that cinematic films are shot ie 48 FPS which creates that 'more real / live' effect you noticed. A lot of people panned the early screening exactly because of that effect saying it looked like a live news cast feed or tv soap. Can't imagine it's that bad though! Looking forward to watching it!
  4. hey guys! cool thread. Superegocafe has changed a lot since i last visited. very nice setup. cool apps sunanda! ive started working on android games too. My first game... Guantanamo Fox Hope you guys will give it a try and be gentle! Im a noob developer! lol
  5. That's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen! You're a very lucky man!
  6. yaye! me too! now i can play ps3 while people around me dement.
  7. not clear what u mean but the apple logo has been cut out and replaced with the steam one. the gap is covered with acrylic plastic with the logo underneath.
  8. ughhhhh!!! ur all fanboys with no imagination! and no ability to mod stuff either. oh and u all suck. oh and... hmmm... i better check my modders rage. lol.
  9. i know who im not going to ask for advice on anything. but ya know.. one mans meat and all that. peace out
  10. thanks for that dude!
  11. have the old age st4 job offers come out yet? if not does anyone know when they will make offers?
  12. hey all! am bored so i modded my macbook pro. yes im full geek and proud of it! 'smart is the new sexy' i know apple fanboys will say its blasphemous to deface idols sent down to earth by prophet Jobs but im a blasphemous kinda guy!
  13. Day 2 at GAMESCOM. Did a little vidcast for you guys. just a teaser really! :cheer:
  14. hey all been a while! hope all are well i wanna rally the troops! come join me in some co=op terrorist ass-kickin! i just got rainbow six vegas 2 on pc (steam) and its just awesome! been playing with my bro co-op and its just awesome. wanna build a bigger squad to take down the bad guys! join me to rid the world of this axis of evil. you're either with me... .. or against me. >
  15. ahh yes. ram is one of those beautiful things that can really boost pc my mac now has xp and a 500gb hard drive installed. hard drive was fiddly to install but got there! xp was very easy to install! and now ive installed a whole bunch of games. left 4 dead runs great!