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  1. Hi, I was wondering if any of you are interested to join me on Skype for revision and practice. I might not be able to do it regularly initially, may be once or twice a week to start with. Let me know, you can e-mail me on: darkknight1072@yahoo.co.uk. Good luck.
  2. I am taking it in Sep for first time. Hope we get some thing out of this survey. Well done with this initiative Kris and good luck to us all.
  3. Plausible. Unless, I am missing the trick here.
  4. Should not be performed, but is increasingly done. So, for exam, i will choose -Can be performed, but weak evidence out of it.
  5. Perfectly plausible.
  6. Case series or open label. RCT.
  7. Textbook says superiority trials.
  8. Rest assured, they won't frame such stupid questions. You can not go wrong if you choose Automoxetine, as Reboxetine and Meprotiline are NARI's as well.
  9. There are lot of ill framed questions on study websites, which is shame on them. Methadone seem to be the choice for this ambiguous question. Lofexidine in cases of wanting to treat someone with hypotension and do not want to use Methadone or Buprenorphine for any reason.
  10. I think physical abuse is common through females and sexual through men. I can not find those figures anywhere.
  11. Risk of autism in second child, 2-5% or 10-20%?
  12. ADHD: progress into adulthood 20-30% with full syndrome and 60% with 1 or more core symptom.
  13. Antidepressant to avoid in chemotherapy might be Fluoxetine. Due to enzyme inhibition and hence toxic chemo levels. Venlafaxine is least inhibitor. Just a logical thought, i don't have any concrete evidence to back this up.
  14. HIV

    30-50% develop major depression. 70-80% cognitive disorder. I might go for dementia
  15. If not on any medications, antipsychotic. If already taking antipsychotic, check compliance and levels. Add lithium or valproate. If already taking mood stabiliser, check compliance and levels. Add antipsychotic.