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  1. depends on your location--- if all you want is london apply in london-- save the hassle--- competition is down...
  2. i think a peition should be filed for return of monies to all past examinees.
  3. remember - whose patient it it...its the consultant.. also in research politics, on topics like these please discuss authorship on emails and keep copies... if you work with a consultant and make a case report on one of his patients, i thinke he needs to know, then u want to discuss authroship. better done now then cause trouble tomorrow... consultants worlds is murky....
  4. I would apologise if this has been discussed before. - I was searching the exam dates for a friend and found that college ahd put some videos on site This has incensed me , and I came here looking for what people are thinking This is what I think I have given and passed CASC, if only all actors would be this nice!!! My agitated depressed patient was so agitated and I spent half of the time reassuring her, consequenlty failed. the vidoes are a trap, please be ready for patienst who scream and sshout and throw you off balance. after every half a minute, she would shout kill me...w imagine this in an exam station ... !!!
  5. will not happen, this ahs been suggested, was turned down, only one way: collect 50 candidates , go to court, have the balls!!!??????
  6. whass wrong in drug companies helping uk companies are bets in the world.. i am not asked to sell 1 kg of olanzapine in six months to get a laptop.
  7. to each his own SUCCESSFUL MEANS RICH
  8. good point kreely if u r smart u can n shud do both. btw succesful means rich good psychiatrist means rich and also GOOD
  9. take sab mor bakwas from me.. in the whole life time of our species... there is no other fight.. only women, money, land and power(these power of fossil fuels included) rest all is means to an end in different permutaions ad combinations... bhai koi kam nahi hota..... lemme give you a small story... I HAD 20 ACRES OF LAND GIVEN TO CONTRACTORS (CALLED MAAALIS IN MY VILLAGE AND THEY WERE NOT BONDED LABOUR), after 10 years when we wanted it vacated they refused... it was our land...and today they are multi millionaires.... we had to sell the land to them for dirt rates.... now for me they are terrorists.... so pleas do not take these naxals as innocent .. no body is innocent... if they were they wouldnt exist..
  10. chinta nahi mere bhai.... yeh sab training sharining kuch nahi hoti... koi train nahi karta na koi traaiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn hona chata hai... yeh training is to get cheap lazu labour... kya kehta hai woh... is hamaam mein sab nange hai.. koi thoda koi zyada....
  11. here is another useless commnt from me PSYCHIATRY GETS MEDICAL REJECTS... GPs ARE EVEN WORSE..
  12. leave psych before nurses take over... I JUST MADE IT I HOPE ITS ORIGINAL NHS= NURSES HEALTH SERVICES psychiatry has no future leave it before the ship sinks
  13. the certificate is worth the paper it is printed on.... shite that is i love ur son, i hope all the sons and daugheters do that draw peppe pig and post it to college.
  14. bhai y r u leaving training.. locum life is ok if u r single..
  15. tension nai lene ka.. dene ka.. there are a few posts still out there, if u can move ,,, u will get it as long as they find u emplyable. do no courses they are leaches.... making money on ur anxiety.. there is lot of support here... find SLARTI he will help..