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  1. Hi Dr Haiman,

    I was wondering if you are sitting the CASC exam in Singapore. Are you practising the stations?

    Please let me know if you are interested to practise on skype.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi 

    I am interested on online practice , please send your skype ID . 

    1. Haiman



      it,s manjulladan



  3. Hi I am interested in practicing with you. Let me know your contact details . Same here, I am UK trained and based in UK thanks
  4. Hi I am planning for the same and would like to join up with you. Please let me know if you are OK with this. Just to add, I am a UK trained doctor and based in UK at present, this is in view that if you are based abroad there can be time differences thanks
  5. Dear Colleagues, I am hoping to take CASC in September 2018 and looking for a study partner. Please let me know if anyone is available Best wishes !
  6. Hi are you still interested on practicing on Skype
  7. Hi what is your Skype address? Cheers
  8. Hi just wondering any one available to practise on Skype - thanks
  9. Hi, I am based in the UK and happy to practise on evenings on Skype if any of you are available. Can start literally start from tomorrow-Thanks
  10. Welcome. To find study partners, there is a study groups board! Other members have joined up to revise using Skype. I am happy to discuss scenarios on Skype with you if the offer is still available-thanks
  11. I agree with Udas... It appears that the decision was taken after the exam being held. Now the question is why did they bring this change now and not declared it before hand? up until now the outcome could not be influenced by any means as the mark sheets are collected at the same time and the decision was strait forward, At least there was a guarantee that if you pass 12 stations you pass the exam. I appreciate that it is not easy to get 12 stations right and there could be an ongoing bias in this exam, but the question is; have they totally eliminated the bias in the new scheme? But now, what would happen for a candidate who would only to get 12 borderline passes, under the new scheme? There was a general consensus among a few senior colleagues I know, that pass rates were likely to be higher this time, again they were not aware of the new marking scheme. So... not sure what we would witness next Friday, Best of luck for all who sat the exam!
  12. Hi, I am interested in joining in as a Skype study partner during the last run up to the exam, if this is still possible. I am based in the UK and will be taking CASC Jan 15- . Please text me - if you are happy to go head - 07854436985 - thanks
  13. There was a question about nomogram. They had given pre test probability, sensitivity, false positive rate, needed to work out LR+ and then then to find out post T P by using the chart, second part was strait forward , they had given Pre. TP, LR- Again a forest plot was given and asked about number of significant studies, what was the meaning of the arrow [ large CI], specific event rates for the studies