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  1. @Take That - any idea on min numbers of wpba for st4?
  2. bumping an old thread... can someone point me to any documents re: this issue? Our trust are also planning to stop paying for out of hours MHA work whilst on call..!!
  3. it varies... can let you know re: areas i know .. west midlands - ld rota mersey and north west - mixed rota south west - ld rota
  4. i found the spmm weekend course very helpful. also attending as many mocks you can is really helpful. i attended the oxford course mock and seshni mock.. also try to get hold of old oxford course notes if u can.
  5. excellent posts mc x 4...
  6. deserved champions...
  7. where did u do ur md from? some nhs trusts recruit from foriegn countries esp. india directly occasionally. i am not sure where they advertise re: this though.. will update i find out more.
  8. no.. they look at continuous nhs service immediately prior to u taking up st4 post..
  9. u will be placed at higher scale for st4 - 6 i.e 47 k. they will compare ur current basic pay vs st4 basic + banding.. they will have to pay whichever is higher.. e.g assuming banding is 50% ur st4 pay will be 47 + 23.5 = 70.5 [approx.] if ur current basic is higher than that it will be protected.
  10. Hi guys.. I have found this document which is NHS employers interpretation of Pay protection for Career grades returning to training. Is that what all trusts follow? Do someone know about the original document based on what they make this interpretation? Thanks.
  11. excellent news!!!
  12. I have been offered a ST4 job for August. I have been working as a staff grade for 3 years. I understand that my basic salary should be protected. Is there any explicit rules/guidances on the on call banding issue? Could anyone kindly help me to find the link that relates to pay protection in such instances?
  13. i took exam on 10th as well.. i failed this station..dont know why though.. i completed mmse, did 1 frontal lobe test and 1 question for semantic memory.. is there any other specific approach for cognitive examination focusing on vascular dementia?? i passed both those stations.. it seems the coach was scripted to be dismissive of the existence of a condition called adhd till the very end..i explained to him i believe the player has got adhd based on the symptoms in the 3 domains, its presence in more than 1 setting and the time of onset... i also explained that i feel ritalin is helping him based on the symptoms getting worse when he came off ritalin on 2 occasions.. the first being from the ages of 11 - 15..his symptoms returned and couldnt focus on exams..he was put back on ritalin and his symptoms improved and he could do the exams well... the second being when he tried coming off ritalin in the last 6 months on his own accord which led to adhd symptoms coming back... i also explained non stimulant medication strattera was tried in the past which caused liver failure and hence it was unfortunately not an option.. then he asked about chinese herbal medications like 'rhizoid'... i said i am not an expert in herbal medicine and dont know much about them.. i said one should be careful about such things as there could be side effects and drug interactions.. i appeared interested in it and noted the term on my notepad and said i will definitely have a read about it.. he then said he think the player is using ecstacy or some other drugs..i asked why he think so and he said he had overheard some conversations between players..i said he had denied any drug use to me.. i acknowledged he has brought up an important issue and will discuss this with the player in further sessions and offer help if he is using illicit drugs. even after all these discussions he summarised to me by saying he dont think the player has adhd, shouldnt be on medications and something should be done to improve his attention to help in his career..i said we have to agree to disagree on the the diagnosis and the need for medications..but i agreed with him that we need to continue to help the player to focus on his game and develop his career... hope it helps..
  14. i got the letter today [friday]...
  15. Congratulations on passing! thanks.....