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  1. guys info about sivji - rajini's latest film tickets for being sold in black in the US all the screens in tamilnadu booked for the next month... the most expensive film made in indian film history... racked up the hihgest collection on the day of release in india.. don't know if these are really true but it wouldn't surprise me..
  2. congrats all who got jobs.. guys who did not get - chin up.. many UoAs in England planning round 2 not round 1b so there is potentially another round in the lurking.. good luck..
  3. Raman i agree with all your comments bar the one quoted here.. please do not generalise... [highlight]at least ur honest with yourself super i dont think any indians soul is happy here but just get sucked into the system[/highlight]
  4. guys... give him a breeak will you!!! time and again i have seen people jumping up and down that nothing is being done and when somone more senior than a staff grade or SPR passes a comment everyone lambasts at them.. What do u guys want to happen???? - the system to be scrapped overnight???? - that happens only in dreamland... Atleast the senior college leaders are protesting and someone is looking into it... We have been whinging in this forum for more than 6 months... did we get any media attentionor did anything happen???? So give constructive criticism and suggest workable options... Don't for a moment thnik the seniors don't know what they are doing... [highlight]P.S - I did not get shortlisted[/highlight]
  5. [highlight]GUYS this is not a BMA initiative...[/highlight] Please see the Guardian today.. It is the Academy of Royal Colleges.. SO BMA should not be allowed to take any credit for this review..
  6. great post colarado... i feel the same way.. haven't doen a lot until now... defo feel underprepared.. but we still have a week and a bit.. come on guys we did not get thru medical school with this defeatist attitude.. think of saturday... St Patrick's day [highlight]Boy will i savour that pint of guiness!!!![/highlight] [smiley=beer.gif
  7. i answered no as it is illegal and u might get chucked out of what u have at the moment..
  8. i havent been but know of few who have been.. apparently a lot got thru...
  9. people are meant to get emails whichever way things go.. But knowing mtas and not having got an email from them even confirming my GP exam venue, i would be surprised if we get any form of communication...
  10. Good luck everyone.. hope things work out for most of us.. for those of us who it doesn't... we strugggled in one new place not hard to to do it all over again... All the best..
  11. hey slarti.. hows u.. me not so great,, hope u still enjoying the party scene and everything :.. If u don't recognise who it is as i have changed my name think back bolton.. try and spk to u soon... have got news..
  12. Hey Fonz.. Just interested hoe did u do this breakdown for such a large number of trainees??? So i can adopt it for our rotation which is of an equivalent size and we can have a comparison.. let me know.. it wil be useful... cheers
  13. Just to add to that post, though all these probs, we atleast had an opportunity to contest it,, though it is questionable as to the extent the appeal was considered seriously.. Do any of guys on the forum think that such an appeal is possible in india for forget an immigrant but a person from ur neighbouring state????
  14. Thats the most honest post about returning back home.. I would just add the amount of corruption and escpecially where i come from even if i earn a lot of money, all of it would be taken off by thugs and politicians.. good one dorian
  15. interesting report escpecially the pages quoted..