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  1. People accept that exams are not necessarily the best judge of ability. My word sociologists,academics and commentators have pondered this for ages. Talking about it we are now coming to the crux of one of the reasons for MMC. It was argued that exams do not necessarily make a good doctor!
  2. To be frankly honest it goes to show how low things have sunk in modern british society. For so called celebrities to be so distasteful, ignorant, ill mannered and poorly informed is absolutely appalling. To reach a particular status in any walk of life even if just famous for relatively minor things used to suggest some kind of talent meaning some form of a degree of decorum is acquired along the way. To be absolutely tastseless and outright socially embarrassing and still be on front covers of OK! is beyond belief. Welcome to modern Britain
  3. Is it? or just plain ignorance
  4. we are clearly not singing from the same hymn sheet are we? nothing wrong in doing a masters in law related to mental health. you were earlier referring to going the whole way and studying to be a BARRISTER i presume.
  5. as a psychiatrist why do you want a bachelor's law degree or a barrister qualification ? i know a colleague who got LLB and he was no better off; if anything he was worse off as he was not particularly qualified properly to work in forensics which was his aim. if you want to make lots of money as a forensic specialist having additional qualifications as equivalent as a practicing barrister is surely not the way to go. at least in Britain.
  6. the hardest and scarist part of the entire exam having the highest pass rate! fascinating
  7. DK14, I feel guilty now because my post might have been disspiriting. Please go for the interview. I went for 5 spr interviews before getting one. the availability of posts is such that u have to try at every shortlisted post. besides the experience at interview is invaluable. Good Luck.
  8. sorry to put a spanner in the works. i attended an interview in aberdeen (spr grampian shortlisting) this time last year. i was based in England and i can definately tell u the interview was loaded with why the scottish highlands, knowledge of the area and all other things about the area. my advice is to get all yr facts about the local area, give good solid reasons why u want to move (and no saying u want an NTN is not good enough). I am not being a kill joy i am only relating my experience. i did not get the post and guess it; the reasons specified for this on feedback were not enough knowledge about the local area!
  9. people should get things in perspective please. when the asylums were up and running psychiatrists were historically dispised by other doctors. there were few if any worthwhile treatments available. patients who went into asylums were never seen again. managements of patients was close to barbaric and the stigma associated with psychiatry was horrific. things have improved the asylums have closed, there are treatments though not entirely curative with side effects, people are treated in the community and people are a bit more confident about admitting to mental health difficulties. in my opinion psychiatrists in this fast moving stressful age are given a lot of respect.
  10. I agree this a free and democratic society; there is feedom of speech. The very idea that grown up and even worse educated individuals beg the webmaster to close discussions when they get difficult or heated beggars belief. If some people are daft enough to make offensive remarks they should take responsibility for this. We might be IMGs but we do not live in an oppressive, dictatorial state; we are allowed to air views.
  11. Glamarous? In what way do we measure glamour in surgery. Examples pls. Loads of people bang on about this, personally i feel the world has moved on because i have not experienced first hand a 'glamorous' surgeon!
  12. i think samantha in sex and the city. hmmm. well personally i am not sure but being male i might not be giving an accurate picture but it would seem clear looking at a lot of different cultures women are different in this regad than men. women appear to be more emotional and personal encounters usually mean a lot more than men. one can ask why since we are the same species but i would think the answer is probably down to biology. after all males have more testerone than females.
  13. locum psychiatrists working through agencies have been known to earn £150K+ in the recent past. however with all the budget squeezes in trusts i am not sure if that luxury still exists.
  14. you are right the concept of marriage has not changed. what has changed is the freedom to choose. in the past there was stigma attached to any other form of relationships outside traditional marriage. now it is probably more of a hinderance the contract obtained at a registry if the relatinoship goes wrong; just look at the McCartneys!
  15. what culture are you living in! Victorian Britain!. Women are no more handcuffed to the kitchen sink barefoot and pregnant. No one stays in a relationship just to 'endure' as you seem to suggest and if they do they are being unnecessarily oppressed. This is a free and democratic state, please get real. No one prescribes marriage in the format you say; individuals make the decision to follow whatever concept. (xcept perhaps polygamy but how does one classify serial monogamy; isn't that a form of polygamy?) I think you feel the state still has so much power in deciding the relationships people should be in but i am sorry this is 21st century Britain and there are quite a few permutations out there.