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  1. @sweetpychiatrist Really pleased that you got an offer, hope you get the upgrade you want.
  2. @sweetpychiatrist I'm afraid I don't, but as a specialty doctor in a specialist service I don't come into contact with many trainees or specialty doctors intending to apply. I hope you do get an offer in the end.
  3. Hi @Bertha the person specification/entry requirements and information about the entrance assessment (SRA) for Core Psychiatry Training are on the National Recruitment site All those things that show your commitment to the specialty are helpful in the appointment process, and if you have to do an interview, you will need to bring a portfolio to demonstrate your professional development. However, if you do well enough in the SRA you can 'bypass' the interview and will get a post offer directly. Hope that helps
  4. I'm so pleased! Got an offer for General Adult in my first choice locality so I don't have to move! Ranking was 15 Well done @daisyfrau @sweetpychiatrist fingers crossed you'll get an offer soon. The ranking for GA is out of 145 (you see the number after you've accepted an offer) but I'm not sure if that's out of people appointable or the number of interviewees.
  5. Not received an email yet but on Oriel my status has changed to Interview Complete. Fingers crossed for emails and offers!
  6. This morning: 15 y/o od assessment, she is very tearful, being bullied, then present to consultant and discuss management. assess young man flunked out of uni, psychotic, hearing flat mates talking, then explain diagnosis and management to mother take collateral history from son about dad who is confused and pyrexial for a few days, then discuss management with nurse in medical ward Last is to take history from footballer who is hearing racist chants from crowd and feels dismissed by manager, with focus on aetiology, then nine months later after footballer admitted to hospital, talk to angry dad who feels services have ignored his concerns until he got unwell enough to be admitted. Afternoon examine lower limbs imps in lady who states she cannot walk and has no sensation below knees assess whether a man who has lost confidence in his ability to do his job has some psychodynamic defence mechanisms going on (worries wife is having affair) Collateral history from daughter whose mother has been wandering (is it safe for her to go home?) alcohol history from banker whose wife is concerned but he is not ward assessment of patient with schizophrenia who has become distressed (hearing voices, thought control) collateral history from mother of severely led/autistic boy who has started self biting and head banging (look for precipitant) Cognitive assessment of older man confused in a&e review ecg and explain result to patient with onward management plan (prolonged qtc) morning stations not too bad but the afternoon was awful, I thought. Messed up neuro exam and couldn't get a handle of psychotherapy station until end. Good luck to all for tomorrow. Time for chocolate!
  7. Interesting article, thank you. I think it would be useful to know more about this drug's pharmacological actions and read the journal articles.
  8. Definitely needs clarification. Tribunal reports are such important documents and they require specialist knowledge and skilled assessment- the patient is being done a massive disservice if they aren't getting that.
  9. I did core medical training before switching to psych and hated 90% of it. I had done FY2 psych and loved it. As soon as I switched, I knew it was the right thing, and all the skills I picked up in CMT were actually very helpful. I found the support and respect as a CT in psychiatry wonderful compared to medicine, where they set out this huge portfolio of competencies and gave you no support to achieve it. Most of my friends have made the transition from CT3 to ST4 smoothly, either directly or via a specialty doctor job like I'm doing currently. There hasn't appeared to be the bottleneck you describe, but psych is a shortage specialty. Regarding work-life balance, it's far better. You do have to be more emotionally resilient I think, however. Come join us, it's a brilliant career.
  10. I always thought I would be a consultant, but now I'm not sure. I became a specialty doctor because I hadn't got all my exams at the end of CT3, and thought I'd quit at as soon as I got CASC, but I think I have it better than the boss... I spend 80% of my time with patients, 20% on admin, but it's the other way for him. So we'll see ... right now, all I am focussing on is the CASC!
  11. Hello Interesting to read about others revising for MRCPsych. Good luck to everyone. I am a specialty doctor revising for CASC.