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  1. god bless us everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Sick to the stomach- argghhh!! Hurry up and put us out of our misery!
  3. just to help with the question, i managed to dig up a good article on forest plots and how to make sense of them on the internet. the link is www.psychiatry.univr.it/page_eps/docs/2006_4_Cipriani.pdf ta.
  4. hi there, sorry to post this question here, nobody seems to read the critical app. section on this board. I was wondering if anyone remember the questions that were asked on the forest plot in the paper. I vaguely remember it being a meta-analysis of RCTs in the use of clozapine. There were 3-4 questions that followed the example. I would appreciate it if someone can post those quest. and we can discuss them here. ta.
  5. EMI on male:female ratios of Autism ADHD Bullimia
  6. In adult LD, Swallowing problem is the known side effect of which of the following: A. Lithium B. Naltrexone C. Sodium Valproate D. E. Forgot D and E option
  7. WHY did we roll over and let MMC in our lives? We never needed training reform in the first place, what we needed were more training posts for our expanding medical graduates. Sorry, did I hear you say 'money'?! Not a currency this Labour Government understand. Their currency is culling, be it Iraq, IMGs, and now home grown doctors careers. In spite of busyness, junior doctors should have shouted louder. I hope everyone wrote to their politicians and told their family and friends to do so. Or was everyone happy? I myself feel betrayed not to be shortlisted in my local deanery. I could not have done more, and as for my local MSc? I am grateful of course to have 1 shortlist, but in no other profession do you have to be so grateful for so little. If I'm lucky enough to get a job, I have to leave my family and sell my home and after 3 years leave a region I don't wish to. Of course I have every sympathy for those with nothing. You mustn't take it personally. If the scoring was robust, wonderful! I've heard rumours of poor consultants rushing through hundreds of forms, some only marking 1 question etc etc. I really hope that those juniors who have what they want, through sheer luck, support their less fortunate colleagues. Remember, that there were always going to be casualties selecting 10% of 1000+. I truly don't believe every single person in the other 90% did significantly worse! How did our consultants whittle out 90% for the favoured 10%? Have we really selected the best consultants of the future? I know theres a Round 2. However, the damage may already have been done to many careers. Please go through the motions of appealing if you wish and certainly everyone happy or not should be requesting each and every score under the Data Protection Act. Seek legal advice, after all in any other job you'd get redundancy pay or a relocation package. Don't forget BMA members can do this through the BMA. The NHS of the future, is ultimately going 'private'. ISTCs, CATs. The DoH can't sort out the mess they've created with money disappearing into a bottomless managerial pit. With private they know what they're paying for. They don't support our NHS. So if us trainees are going to be forced to be staff grades, we may as well earn good money for it. Look after yourselves Katy Briffa katy@briffa.net
  8. G de T characteristic feature is echopraxia ?false vocal/motor tics, but echopraxia is a motor symptom of schizophrenia
  9. In mild or moderate mania lithium is as rapidly effective as neuroleptics true? (in acute mania particularly with psychosis, antipsychotics are more rapid)
  10. thanks for your help. if anyone else has further info please add!
  11. hi all does anyone know whether there is a standard pass mark for part 1 or how it is calculated thanks katy
  12. true delusional mood can evolve into delusional percept (simms)