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  1. thanks sagirparkar for the info.
  2. mind you,there is a 12 months contract if new customer or returning one.I am struggling because of that.anything on www?
  3. Non sky viewwers.any luck watching online?
  4. I beg to differ dori.... The research in India happened in front me while I trained there. one cannot just assume it is not robust or remark about the significance.Maybe it is caught in the net of 'pub bias'.it was definetly on a RCT model.anyway, One needs to have control to breathe at a particular rate .Meditation is mainly focussing mind(Dhyana).One might do this initially by concentrating on the rhytmic breathing(not hyperventlating though,so ?co2wash out) -dharana and various other techniques that become part of Yoga. in PMR one is asked to focus on the state of their muscles(tense vs relax) again a technique to focus hence the connection. I feel self realisation is a very subjective phenomenon and others judgement of it is irrelevant. i rest.May peace prevail!!
  5. Guys There has been research going on about Yoga and Mental health in India.I dare say that they are seemingly effective in certain neurotic disorders including mild-mod depression. Can someone clarify what you mean when you link hyperventilation with meditation/yoga?My basic yoga knowledge tells me it is not hyperventilation but systematic breathing that is involved.Modern/westernised version is the well known systematic muscular relaxation/relaxation exercises. cheers PS:I demonstrated and did ask my young client to hyperventilate last week to simulate panic attack! great way to give feedback.
  6. Hi all Not sure if this has been already looked into.I found this wandering around the college website.There is one being done for this year.Some interesting facts about the job scene and the trends in the ethnicity of trainees. The graphs seems to be lot easier to read through than the tables. All academic posts filled! And not many adult posts filled by locums. check out http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/Census%20results%20-%202005.pdf
  7. I guess people have received a leaflet from college regarding raising awareness about debts in clients.Other than raising awareness,do you think there is any practical role for us?Lets say debt is identified in the client,would we be putting them in our 3 P's -precipatating,predisposing and perpetuating and manage it? We should in a way,but do we?
  8. As highlighted,most of these programmes tend to give a one sided view.Definetly workculture among inpatient staff needs changing.No wonder nursing staff use it as a springboard to go into community. One can see the sideeffects of an 'instituional'approach. But everyone knows there is no easy solution for preventing suicide.The link between staff attitude and suicides is bit unfair.
  9. Dont think it fits the description of gambling.One needs to wage money with the risk of not getting it back.See below the wiki info on what is not gambling.interesting. Actions typically not regarded as gambling * Emotional or physical risk-taking where what is being risked is not money or material goods (e.g., skydiving, running for office, asking someone for a date, etc.) * Buying insurance, as the primary intent of the purchase is to protect against loss, rather than to collect * All forms of 'investment' (stock market, real estate) with positive expected returns, economic utility, and some underlying value independent of the risk being undertaken * Starting a new business, as time and effort are also being wagered and the outcome is not determined in a short period of time * Situations where the possibility of winning additional money or material goods is a secondary or incidental reason for the wager/purchase (e.g., buying a raffle ticket to support a worthy cause) * Prediction markets or knowledge exchanges where the outcome is to encourage the development of market-based mechanisms for resolving questions of science, technology, management, strategy, planning, policy, etc.
  10. Why cant you write PRN!!
  11. Hi If you are able to switch on telly then switch over to Channel 4!Looks like mental health services are in for heavy weather!anyone from eastbourne hospital? Some initial questions:where does investigative journalism stop? Any regard for clinical condition? Wonder if surgery,oncology and other hospitals get the same treatment? Lets see.
  12. Hi trinity Again not as straightforward as it looks. Pitfalls: there is a charge to transfer your balance usually 2% on the money you transfer.you need to weigh this up. The very high interest rate it attrtacts if you dont payoff at the end of the period. V.Imp:If you use the card to do purchases it nullifies all your 0%advantage and you will be coughing up money! People did this were called Card Tarts,and many did take advanatage of this.say for eg borrow10k and put it ina savings account and then pay back keeping interest!!
  13. wow 120k savings... 50k savings(combined though)still.. you guys are doing very well.hatsoff to you. I would look at offsetting the mortgagae(if you have one!)instead of hanging it around.Donno if that will be an issue again coz you will be basically earning interest off it. By the way 200 per month for 50000 is pretty good considering good chances of winning big money. someone said 12.5% surely not for savings,you meant lending rate I suppose!! Good thing about premium bonds are taxfree earnings.Mind you it isnt investment but is safe lottery.
  14. MCI recognition is diiferent from DNB.DNB recognises for the sake of eligibilty to take up thier exams.Maybe Nadu can give some personla perspective about the exp.