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  1. Thanks, Dr Afterlife. You have done a great favour for all of us. How was your exam ?
  2. sure. my number is 07449304107. my Skype ID is dr.nahid.hakim
  3. Text your contact number and Skype ID. We have a what's App group. We practice on Skype in pairs. My number is 07449304107
  4. Hi, We have a 4 member what's App group. We also practise on Skype. If you are interested, text your contact number and Skype ID. My number is 07449304107
  5. Hi, do you have a what's App account? Please text me your Skype ID. I am creating a what's App study group too
  6. Please text me your mobile number so I can add you to our What's App group. We can also do Skype study.
  7. Hi, I am also appearing CASC in Jan 2019. I am available from 21 Oct onwards. My contact number is 07449304107. I am interested in Skype / Whats App/Viber/messenger group study. I live in Plaistow, London. where do you live ? Regards, Nahid
  8. Hi, I am also appearing CASC in Jan 2019. I am available from 21 Oct onwards. My contact number is 07449304107. I am interested in Skype / Whats App/Viber/messenger group study. I live in Plaistow, London. where do you live ? Regards, Nahid
  9. Hi, I am also appearing in Jan 2019. I live in Plaistow, London. My number is 07449304107. I am interested in group study via Skype or whats app or Viber or Messenger. I am available from 21 st October. please text me your name and number. Regards, Nahid
  10. Thanks. here are some recall questions. if I see more stems, I can recall more. Please send more recall questions. 1. Anorexia with binging and purging- Self help CBT fluoxetine 2. Pregnant with lithium, does not want to breastfeed-what to do ans reduce dose to 400 mg, then repeat blood levels after 1 week increase dose to 800 mg stop lithium do nothing and review after 1 week after delivery 3. Drugs with least psychological dependence- cannabis LSD 4. Eg of immature defense- idealisation 5. Tourette ratio- 4: 1 6. Which psychiatric disorder associated most commonly with Homicide/suicide 7. Eg of neurotic defense -rationalisation 8. Ect question 9. Intellectual disability lady with rectal bleeding,non urgent who refuse to give blood sample-what to do Capacity test?/ Explain pros and cons and wait? 10. Lithium in ect question- low dose ? 11. Child with LD self hugging and self harm- Smith Magenies syndrome 12. 2x2 table- total 400 patients of which 40 are tested positive with new test; 8 are tested negative by gold standard,24 are tested positive by gold standard,sn,sp 98,npv 60 13. ARR,NNH 10 14. Online survey used to explore themes in focus group of qualitative study- iterative analysis Using themes to reframe data during data collection and analysis 15.addiction question,person developed hyperthermia,HTN,and tachycardia- Ans cocaine ? MDMA 15.EMI- Mild haematuria in an old lady- Delirium tremens Hyperparathyroidism- hamaturia due to renal calculi 16.schizo in kids-management CBT Risperidone Olanzepine 17.nystagmus,slurred speech,staccato pattern Cerebellar degeneration Motor neuron disease parkinsons 18.psychosis in kids 19.Parkinsonism,most likely symptom Clasp knife rigidity 20.DBS-deep brain stimulation-indication 21.Refractory depression in 70 year old man RTMS or ECT 22.stroke risk in elderly with atypical antipsychotics– Doubled 23.guided self help in bulimia 25.gene testing or MRI for confirming Huntingtons 26.Parkinsons depression first thing you do 27.GAD, sertra+ CBT does not work,what do you do ? 28.EMI: Fragile X-gaze avoidance,macro-orchidism,and facial appearance Smith Magenie-moderate LD,sleep disturbance,self hugging,self injurious 29. ECG EMI- Clozapine myocarditis- saddle ST elevation Hyponatremia 30. A lady comes with bradycardia and 10 mins later she kicks staff Opiate poisoning reversed by naloxone 31.Hypothesizing in therapy Psychodynamic Structural family therapy? 32.dementia sleep problems of a falling lady Ans melatonin 33.vascular dementia; Options were statins 34.strategic family therapy 35.anova/chi square ? 3 groups risk comparison? 36.Bipolar EMI- Rapid cycling Type 2 Cyclothymia 37.delusional disorder ICD 10- Systematized delusion,preserved functioning partum psychosis most common symptom- Affective 39.old age suicide 40.paranoid Anxious 41. x linked recessive- Lesh nyhan 42.autosomal dominant- tuberous sclerosis 43.absolute C/I for ECT- Recent cerebral intracranial tumour 45.which cognitive function most affected in schizophrenia abstract thinking ? processing speed ? 46.ect need low dose of which drug Lithium valproate 47. inpatient suicide rates lower in UK since 2000 due to : Removal of ligature points from ward Increased staffing Improved care plans 48. child has tics and developed ADHD now Clonidine 49.treatment of depression- SSRI for affluent country 50.lofepramine CEAC curve- 10 % 51.anxiety during exam 52.which is most cost effective- TCA Lofepramine SSRI 53. maybe lofepramine 20; never for TCA with regards to which antidepressant will not be cost effective at cost of 50000 per qaly 54.EMI- Student data collection 55. in run in phase use lithium and valproate 56.EMI- Qualitative study, Satisfaction with medical student placement rotation from 3rd to 4 th year and Balint group 57.down syndrome- more likely in siblings if Translocation Robertsonian translocation 58.ECT duration more than 2 minutes 59.r TMS given in dorsolateral cortex But options given were prefrontal cortex 60.predatory stalker- more dangerous Resentful 61.erotomania most common in stalkers 62.autistic child very aggressive - risperidone 63.non degenerative dementia Multiple sclerosis 64.funnel plot and publication bias- imputed to mitigate effects of publication bias due to Absence of Small negative studies 65.woman taking some drug with fishy smell Mephedrone 66.A child did some crime and he is sent to an institution to correct his behaviour.what kind of prevention ? Indicated prevention 67.posters on a bus- Universal prevention 68.patient on clozapine and you carry out routine ECG selective preventive measure 69.using donepezil,what kind of prevention Tertiary 70.For a pt with LD to have CBT,he needs to have Socio-emotional communication( means psychological mindedness and can be present in children and adolescents) To be able to engage in therapy 71.citalopram and diphenhydramine- QTC prolongation ? 72.patient attending therapist and praise a rekie therapist he met wonderful Idealization 73.counter transference q 74.REM behaviour disorder- Precedes movement disorders 75. exhibitionist married man,what will prevent him from reoffending again Court conviction/attendance? 76.HL DR2- Narcolepsy 77.first stage of CAT- Exploration Reformulation Recognition Revision 78.existential awareness in group therapy- Being aware of emotions of the whole group ? 79.OCD mechanism Negative reinforcement 80.forest plot-drug/placebo relapse rate calculations,maybe ARR 10.2 %,NNT 81.validity questions EMI 82.cost benefit q 83.ICER 84. Kaplan meyer smokers question
  11. hi, I found the paper very lengthy.I was slow in Stats,it took me 80 mins,so I had to rush the rest. At the end, I was not able to read the questions more than once,or read all the stems. I found it difficult to think analytically and answer them under so much time pressure. Somehow I managed to finish at the last minute. I am trying to record recall questions on microsoft word,then I will post it here.Recall questions have 40 percent chance of repeat.But I only remember fragments. Everyone please post whatever you can recall here.If I see the stems,then I can recall the whole question. Regards, Dr. Nahid
  12. Dear All, This is my third attempt.I have been solving some of B.K. Puris Get Through MRCPsych Mock Q Book; but I am slow.I only finished 2 out of 5 mocks. I have not started SPMM mocks yet. Should I stop studying the bk puri mock and start spmm mocks instead ? My exam is on 9th October.I am not sure if questions come from Get through MRCPsych mcq book. Please advise me what to do. Regards, Nahid Hakim
  13. Hi, Dr. Hayat, 1.clozapine should be augmented by amisulpride (according to evidence base) 2.wernickes- answer is cerebellar signs and opthalmoplegia, because commonly presented signs 3.autistic children not being to perceive things as a whole answer maybe cohesion theory,but certainly not hypersystemization,because it is ability to perceive repeating patterns in things, eg. music,seen in high functioning autistic children. 4.haloperidol and sertraline OD, answer is NMS, because of cardinal signs fever and rigidity
  14. Hi, Dr.Hayat, here are some recall questions. My problem is I can recall only if I see a part of the question. Please post whatever you can recall, or if you can add some stems to my questions. New questions have a 40 % chance of repeat. 1.Haloperidol and sertraline OD ,presented with high fever,tachycardia, high BP, muscle rigidity, fluctuation of consciousness, diagnosis NMS Serotonin syndrome 2.Why are you scowling at me on disagreements ? Interview technique clarification 3.You did not mention meeting with manager ? She was excited about the meeting a year ago Confrontational 4.38 year old gentleman with depression. What antidepressant has no sexual side effects ? Citalopram Mirtazapine 5. turning into an exciting opportunity what seemed to be a challenging task 6.Test for executive function in mild cognitive impairment Clock drawing Information from informant on activities of daily living 7. ECG changes Tall peaked T wave Abnormal QRS morphology Pericarditis Citalopram and QT prolongation Hypokalemia in vomiting and laxative diarrhoea anorexic girl – U wave 8. common psychiatric disorder after diagnosis of cancer Adjustment disorder 9. what is true regarding risk assessment Historical factors more important than clinical factors HCR 20 most commonly used Structured professional judgement more important than clinical judgement 10. regarding predicting repeating offences in antisocial personality disorders Static factors important Dynamic factors important 11.your consultant found out some problems in performance and asked you to address problem.which will you do first ? Audit Qualitative study 12.stat question about adjusted odds ratios of incidence rate and incidence rate ratio of schizophrenia in ethnic minorities in south London in population of 100000. calculate proportion of incidence rate in ethnic minority in population of 800000. 13. which drug cause bladder infection that causes surgical removal of bladder Ketamine LSD 14.common age of victims of female perpetrators of homicide 15. new diagnostic test to detect schizophrenia compared with gold standard.400 outpatients in total.16 diagnosed positive by gold standard test and 24 diagnosed positive by new test. 8 patients positive for new test were not diagnosed by gold standard.find Sensitivity Specificity Ppv 16. dysphoric mood,appetite increase,vivid dreams Amphetamine intoxication Opiod withdrawal cocaine 17.where would you send a psychotic sentenced for life for psychotic episode Locked psychiatry ICU Medium secure unit 18. Di George Syndrome is associated with Schizophrenia 19. L.D. disorder associated with purine metabolism is Lesch Nyhan phenylketonuria 20. Fishy smell illicit drug is Methadrone 21. Ssri drug and sexual complaint 22.severe Lithium toxicity nystagmus 23. Lewy body dementia PROBABLE diagnosis feature Sensitivity to neuroleptics Dat scan 24. NICE criteria for neurosurgery Intractable OCD 25. What is most common group of murder victim for a psychotic lady? 26. % range for epilepsy rates in an adolescent with autism 27. Alcohol damage to certain part of brain Cotex Corpus callosum Enlarged ventricles 28. Prisoner who shoplifted on remand, what ward to go to when goes manic, unresponsive to medications 29. Stable bipolar lady who had relapse 2 months ago on valproate and olanzapine...wants to become pregnant via fertility treatment. Next step? Stop valproate Stop olanzepine 30. % range of MCI that convert to Alzheimers each year 10 -15 31. Diagnosis of man in 80's with memory problems for 3 yrs and ace3 score 68 who has a son with huntingdons and a deceased sister with alzheimers 32. what to add on an OCD guy who had little response to Sertraline and CBT 33. what to offer a 15 year old who did not respond to CBT for depression and parents not willing for medications or SSRI IPT 34. what to offer a 28 year old with 10 year history of bulimia nervosa Specialist referral 35.what to offer a 21 year old college student of BMI 17 who develop anorexia nervosa 6 months ago Guided self help Self help 36. mental capacity May be absent for 1 task but present in another 37.confidentialiy Tarasoff case 38. autism children cannot perceive objects as a whole .what is this phenomenon Hypersystemisation Theory of mind Cohesion theory 39. HIV patient with fever headache. multiple Ring enhancing lesions on MRI Criptococcus neoformans Tuberculosis Toxoplasmosis-answer 40. Path analysis (4 questions) 41.Weird questions about school behavior program 42.gene of schizophrenia HLA*D***** 43.lewy body dementia management (3 questions) cholinesterase inhibitors antipsychotics 44.Study re clusters practices – what sampling to do to avoid trial centre effect in general practices Cluster sampling Random sampling 45. in ethnic monorities in south London the calculation hard enough although there is an spmm example of a similar one a lot of time for half a mark . 46.Conduct disorder about ICD sub classes Socialised and unsocialised types . Very oddly phrased questions and plenty of marginal calls as in the LB question 47. Couple more questions about prisoners and what you do in certain examples.... one was to send a collapsed patient to A&E.. 48. another one was a prisoner who murdered someone, and was now becoming completely unmanageable on ward, think it was a secure/locked unit 49.bit of clarification about the mci patoent converting to alzheimers....question was actually quite specific about which type of mci,, Amnesic MCI....i think that means the conversion rate is quite high,>30% compared to mci 50. LBD question, initial treatment was rivastigmine, Then it got tricky, 5 asked about a tx that might have been given for visual hallucinations and added about this drug making it worse..(i think they meant quetiapine) 51. Anorexia initial intervention 52. Bulimia compared to anorexia 53. Which therapy is shown to be effective for all eating disorders 54. Williams syndrome- disinhibited behaviour 55. Cri du chat - cat like cry 56. Conduct disorder link with maternal smoking 57. Which down syndrome genetic type linked with high cognitive scores mosaicism 58.Critical appraisal questions about study linking bipolar depression with rates of dementia.. one question mentioned why the rates were low at start, right censor attrition delay in entry for diagnosis ? 59.another asked about which 2 lines in ascending survival graph were closely linked most, 60. and another asked how best to describe the overall relationship.. Linear Not related 61. Ecg for clozapine patient with high crp 62. Young man overdosed on ssri 2 days earlier in a&e now. Autonomic instability and rigidity.. they were asking was it NMS or SS... looked like serotonin syndrome as onset wad quick, and not leadpipe rigidity 63. Forensic question linking mentally ill people with higher rate of crime than normal population. 64. % chance of child of a female with schizophrenia developing schizophrenia 65. &20 sensitivity and specifity calculation for a new diagnostic test.. the sensitivity was low in 50s or 60s but high specificity of 98% 66. Question about blinding to prevent bias 67. Most common presentation of acute wernickes encephalopathy.. very tricky question ,a all 3 of classic triad, b,c,d = various combinations of 2 of the 3, e = cerebellar/ataxia alone ophthalmoplegia and cerebellar signs 68)There was a question about imaging in confused patient with pacemaker-CT head 69) REM sleep disorder and increased risk of LBD 70) stop valproate in patient trying to conceive 71)crossover trial what was the answer for the EMI question 72.DEFENSE mechanisms : where a patient has writes to her therapist that she does not need more therapy so she was absent rationalisation 73.and the other was about a man who likes his therapist and goes to the gym. Also going to the gym because you have the hots for your therapist is sublimation ( there is an episode of the Sopranis where Tony does it . Positive transference sublimation 74.There was a question on what condition was equal incidence in males and females? Options were unipolar depression , anxiety , hypochondriasis, PTSD. 75. The conduct disorder EMI was just the ICD breakdown , one was dissocial conduct disorder ( the girl who set fires and had few friends one was socialized conduct disorder for sure , 76.The question about MNSv serotonin syndrome was serotonin syndrome because he had overdosed onSSRIs not anti psychotic and hyper reflexive 77.what hat to augment Clozapine I think was amisulpuride 78.not responding to high dose citapram would first to try another SSRI 79.myocarditis with Clozapine stop and refer 80.melatonin and promoting sleep duration autuism and OCD didn’t really know the answer 81. EMI on precontemplation,contemplation and action