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  1. Hi, Dr.Shanze, for Paper A you need SPMM notes. For reference you need Maudtsley Prescription guidelines and Oxford handbook of psychiatry. Sometimes you have to google Neuroanatomy images and save in a microsoft word document
  2. Hello doc, I hav recently joined the forum,plz guide me abt paper A;wat books notes I shoul follow and how much time it needs to prepare for exam:

    thanks alot

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      Dear Dr Nahid
      Kindly add me to the paper B whatsapp group. My number is +2348030657625
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      Dr Adeniji
  3. hi , Nadi, please text me your contact number so that i can add you to my whats app group. my contact number is 07449304107
  4. Please contact me and give me your contact number.I will add you to my WhatsApp group
  5. Beware of sharing spmm material. if their IT experts find out, they will lock you out of your accounts
  6. my email address is my skype ID is dr.nahid.hakim .
  7. Hi, please contact me on Skype ID dr.nahid.hakim. I have problems accessing PsychClub because they do not recognise passwords.I studied SPMM. But SPMM does not allow course sharing. They will lock us out of our account if we do. Regards, Nahid
  8. Hi, I am sitting Paper B for the second time in April 2018. I need a Skype or Whats App Study Partner. If anyone is interested, please contact me on 07449304107.I live in Plaistow, London
  9. father developing physical problems ,answer is projective identification. any more recall questions ?
  10. hi, i have reposted quest 1.2 effects each of substance misuse (opiates, ketamine and amphetamine option were nephropathy, hypertension etc 2.kinds of FTD few question on ADHD and autism 3.-Substance misuse also asked Hemorrhagic Cystitis. 4.-Prevalence of Schizophrenia in young people. -most common delusion in stalkers. Like this • 5.after what depot patient needs monitoring for 3 h- • olanzapine • zuclopenthixol acetate 6.what antibiotic forbidden in a person who is dependent on alcohol metronidazole trimethoprim 7.withdrawing with seizure –what treatment antipsychotic clonazepam • -injection with vit b and c. 8.liver damage due to alcohol-lorazepam. 9.70% of downs sdr have dementia by 40years. 10.murder-suicide- depression 11.adhd risk factor-mother smoking in pregnancy. 12.Which drug to take in mixed affective disorder lithium 13.risk of sexual reoffending highest in- penetration with a stranger having child porn videos dissocial and paedophile... 14.anorexia- incidence higher in homozygotes which metabolic disturbance when refeeding in anorexia phosphate sodium 16.risk of having a baby with down- 1:900 17.high risk of suicide – head injury migraine 18.older adult with epilepsy- not sure here.... I put older age, I have a feeling is mental illness 19.Patient taking clozapine above 1000- and seizure,what to do ? add valproate reduce clozapine 20.young man with schizophrenia- change in colour- chlorpromazine 21.palmar rash with red blister in the middle- treponema pallidum circular rash- borellia burgdoferi 22.young with confusion, agitated,.lymphocytosis,CSF normal glucose,protein raised.,diagnosis.. herpes(encephalitis) ________________________________________ 23.Bladder damage , Ketamine or GHB .. 24.What is Nolan’s Question ? 25.Circumscribed questions and hypothetical questions used where • CAT • Psychodynamic 26.What diagnosis in a patient with dementia,stroke,migraine in patient of 65 years • CADASIL • MELAS 27.30 year old pregnant woman chance of Downs syndrome 1in 10 1in30 1in 90 1 in 1000 1 in 997 28. Which drug if ingested causes bladder haemorrhage and needs bladder surgery Ketamine… 29. Ethnic stereotypes and Asian Medical students. Simplified but different questions. During individual interviews,students were uncomfortable with ethnic questions, so focus groups were created.What was the name of the study method ? Purposive random sampling 30.What was the aim of the study? • To explore ethnic stereotypes of Asian medical students in UK Medical Colleges in the background of academic underachievement • To explore racial discrimination against Asian medical students • To explore ethnic stereotypes of White medical students 31.Why were they able to change from interviews to focus groups Because iterative process has flexibility.. 32.what is the most common comorbidity with autism Generalized anxiety disorder Depression Social phobia 33.What is most common psychiatric disorder among homicide offenders ? Schizophrenia Personality disorders Anxiety disorder 34. 25 year old woman presents with moderate depression.The Most frequent presentation would be Agitation Auditory hallucinations Somatoform disorder overtalkativeness 35. Early features of opiate withdrawal Anxiety Piloerection Abdominal cramps 36. An old man with memory disturbance,unexplained falling with rigidity. Diagnosis Supranuclear palsy Dementia with Lewy Bodies Parkinsonism 37.Suicide and Isotretinoin . simplified but new questions What relation between severe acne , isotretinoin and suicide 38. what study should be done to investigate relation between isotretinoin and suicide 39. relation between suicide and medical disorders in a hospital admitted young man due to high risk of Asthma Head injury Hepatitis Migraine are a trainee psychiatry student. You see a dementia patient. Your consultant wants you to search literature to find a link between dementia and bipolar disorder. What is the most important thing for you to search ? Google Social media aka facebook Grey literature Pubmed 41. High functional autism and anxiety Severe autism ? 42. In medium secure unit ,how to treat aggressive patient Antipsychotics Physical restraint 43.Which substance causes membraneous nephropathy ketamine 44.Stat question on death and dementia in bipolar patients. A graph .came in April 2017. But simplified and changed 45. when do we do PECO 46. what is most important if we prepare guidelines like NICE Take into account the cost effectiveness 47.choosing statistical tests 48. Clinical audit done To appraise doctors knowledge and practice… 49. calculate Odds ratio in a table where RR was given 50. Aim of reporting of CONSORT Attrition data ITT 51.Which bias reduces by blinding 52.a chart with PPV,NPV, sensitivity,specificity of 53.CHEI and placebo 2*2 table of syncope. Calculate NNH 54.cost benefit 55. Dysphagia in learning disabled child due to Olanzepine Clonazepam 56. 2 effects each for ketamine, opioid, and bdz overdose. 57. Frontotemporal dementia subtypes.. 58. Binswanger disease.. 59. Pigmentation with quetiapine 60. Downs risk in 30 year old mum 61. Temporal lobe epilepsy –risk of 62. Retts synd and angelman synd neurodevelopmental 63. Young school child with auditory prob vs normal. 64. Dyslexia/reading disorder q 65. Clozapine level and hypersalivation-2choices of intervention 66. Which benzo instead of librium in liver disease 67. Wilsons disease - mentioned in 2 questions 68. Bladder problem with ketamine 69. Olanzapine depot and managing 70. Lyme disease 71. Somatoform and pain/burning 72. Herpes encephalitis 73. Head injury and suicide 74. Audit- consultant asking trainee to improve service 75. MET for teenager and cannabis 76. Family therapy question at camhs 77. Camhs q about tic disorder 78,79 couple of questions linking anxiety with autism Anxiety common in which disorder Severe autism High functioning autism 80. Autism and Downs link 81. couple of lithium questions - 1 about a mixed affective state, other about side effect 82. Ect and drugs lowering seizure threshold. lithium 83. repetitive brain stimulation and electrodes-or if nice guidelines for depression 84. Young man with low libido on 3rd antipsychotic.. 85. Clozapine in 15yr old psychosis? Or inpatient treatment 86. Pneumonia and uti and cardiovascular disease study -pneumonia had most admissions i think 87. Ct brain i think for man with neuro signs at a&e but pacemaker 88. A few more vague a&e presentations -liaison questions... 1 in particular was about a delirium and to treat the infection. 89. Definite dementia question about huntingdons 90. Defenite dementia question about lewybody dementia-behaviour fluctuating and worsened with antipsychotic 91. Trick question about most common dementia <65 = still alzheimers 92. Question about biggest risk factor for autism - think it was genetics 93. Sorry, typo in point 14= williams syndrome • 94.question about dysphagia with olanzapine 95.forest plot of clozapine treatment from psychomentor 96.isotretionoid study questions 97.EMIs on bias 98.EMI on paired unpaired t test and chisquare test 99.intestinal obstruction wit clozapine? 100.bleeding gums with valproate? 101.EMI about level of prevention 102.EMI about CAT, DBT and something/ 103.MCQ about IPT 104.DIAGNOSTIC OVERSHADOWING 105.hand wringing movements in RETTs 106.MCQ about williams stat part a question about galantamine side effects with table calculating NNT 108.newspaper cuttings involving attitude to stigma related to mental research all national newspapers for 1 month. What is most important to research ? content analysis discourse analysis 109.Population rating. What is best way ? What is limitations 110.Comorbidity is common in which disease in children Generalized anxiety disorder Social phobia 111.Effective treatment in social phobia Atenolol Sertraline 112.Is schizophrenia more common in developing countries ? ions again
  11. link is working in mine.
  12. Hi, i tried to remember as much as I could.I hope this helps.Please share some more Questions Paper B Recall Q Oct 2017.docx
  13. Hi, I am Dr. Nahid Hakim. I am sitting Paper B in October 2017.I live in London in Plaistow. I need a Skype or What's App or Viber partner. If anyone is interested, please contact me at 07449304107.
  14. Hi,I am going to sit paper B for the first time in October 2017. I need Skype or Viber or What's App partners. I live in London in Plaistow.My Skype Id is Dr.Nahid.Hakim.My contact number is 07449304107.If anyone interested ,please text me your contact number and Skype or Viber or What's App Id
  15. Hi, I am sitting paper B for the first time in April 2016. I need a Skype or WhatsApp partner. My Skype Id is dr.nahid.hakim. my number is 07449304107. anyone interested ?