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  1. I have attended all the above courses and agree with @Afterlife I personally found St Andrews the most appropriate course for casc but spmm in my view was a close 2nd best
  2. still not able to u7nderstand why it has been given such a good rating I am still not able to get my head around what I have actually watched!!
  3. RIP Dr Gurpal you have done a lot for a lot of people around the world thru this forum of yours GOD made you that platform to communicate with all of us we will miss you AMIN
  4. to do last 2 years of stations practice in a group get feedbacks from colleagues who have passed casc and even better who have been college examiners recording very helpful by now all who have reached to stage of CASC have good knowledge its about packaging it and handing it to examiner which can be only done by practice go with the flow of station ,picking cues courses are only icing on the cake depends on what you are expecting out of a course if its the first time you are booking a course ask others who have been on them it can turn out different to what it says on the tin I would not recommend putting in your money on brand new courses in the market I hope this all helps BEST OF LUCK FOR SEPTEMBER 2016
  5. never heard of this course called halcyon minds
  6. spmm weekend st andrew mock course are two good ones that i attended and found helpful
  7. subodh dave is my vote
  8. ACE I are drug of choice in htn with renal problems bc in addition to lower bp there is evidence to suggest that they improve renal perfusion also
  9. i would be intre4sted in the above answer too v gud question bp6028
  10. hi munira i was doing a very brief documentation but had discussed it with my tutor so ask ur tutor what they expect for 1st session i wrote patient talked about distresses and how she came to therapy for futiure sessions i would write patient talked about her week and how last week session had affected her vv brief documentation in the cllinical notes
  11. yes muzaffer you can ask me queries re the St4 Interview
  12. dear mkasar there is no set format i put my personal statement/achivements in first section 2nd for qualification 3rd for service improvement /audit 4th leadership management 5th research/teaching 6th courses /conferences 7th WPBA and MSF 8th Misc. have colored printouts with highlighted areas which you want them tto notice for portfolio
  13. my view is that training in maudsley best casc pass rate 1st attempt high good range of clinical and non clinical experience reqrd for core training
  14. in portfolio u talk in leadership they ask qs and u answer