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  1. How was the Singapore May 2019 CASC? Any feedback?
  2. How was the exam Paper B?
  3. Hello everyone.. How did you find today's paper B?
  4. Go through crtical appraisal,EBM,statistics(as 1/3rd come from here) or practice past exam questions posted in this forum# Good luck
  5. By any chance was there r FTD q's? was MAPT answer for anythg?
  6. Was it not that they asked 'which is the most contra indicated?'' cos i thought ans seemed to be captopril
  7. British ability scale-what does it measure? someone could shine light on it pls? is it aptitude? Pls clarify ''socioecmonomic status'' does not affect ?anorexia ?Bipolar which one?
  8. 1.A boy strokes white cat and lever strikes off,whenever he des this,he hears the noise,now he is scared of going near cats..something like this?/ --?classical conditioning 2.what is the similarirty between classical and operational (associated learning wasnt there ) 3.A boy talks only to his parents,later they taught him to talk to others--?stimuls generalisation 4.EMQ: 1.A man gets money for every clinic he does once in a week-?fixed ratio 2.A man gets paid his salary every month-?fixed interval 3.gambling-varaiable ratio 5.EMQ: choose two in sleep in prob- -.Narcolepsy what happens- cataplexy and other one?? -.Night terrors what happens- amnesia for episode& happens in Non REM 6.Thematic App test-Personality test 7.Frontal lobe test?tower of london test 8.Flynn-IQ changes over generations 9.Crystal IQ vs Verbal IQ- dont know options 10-wilsons -what memory affected
  9. 3).Side effects of antipsychotics -3 drugs to cause orthostatic hypotension 2 drugs which cause least weight gain 2 drugs which cause least sedation options: clozapine olanzapine aripiprazole haloperdol quetiapine amisulpride chlorpromazine canr remember other options..? Could anyone pls shine light on the possible answers.Its 7 answers in this q alone..
  10. Its MAO B and COMT Emq's 1.Antidepressants 2.Adverse effects: -pathological gambling 3).Side effects of antipsychotics -3 drugs to cause orthostatic hypotension 2 drugs which cause least weight gain 2 drugs which cause least sedation 4)History of drugs-psychotropics first drug to use in aneasthesia first drug found as NARI first SSRI First drug to help in TB 5)ECG finding -Man has some clinical probs and pulse was 40 -man has dizziness and syncope.Pulse was 45 -man was diagnosed with memory problems and had a drug -whats teh finding man treated with TCA-what finding man treated with antipsychotic-stabbing chest pain,what finding 6)neuropathology -2 alzheimers 2 lewy body ?huntington/parkinson Any answers for this or correct my left out q's 1. Is it not ;substance P' as its the odd out, others were amines and neurotrasmitters -Partial mu receptor?-buprenorphine full mu receptor? partial nicotnic receptor? varencline?
  11. i think in that case,the Q was ''which is not a component''?#
  12. Alcohol dehydrogenase. Would some please clarify the answers for this? EMQ'S 1.Cowardice in war might be due to mental illness caused by experiences on battlefield? 2.Psyche is the residue of what has been learnt from mankind 3.Inasnity need not be a breakdown,it could be a break through 4.Madness is the consequesnce of physical damage.The idea that there are physical stigma of tainted seed could be caused by alcohol.This is inherited by next generation as morbid nervous pre disposition 5.Effect of poor ward atmosphere leading to lack of initiative and submissiveness in patients
  13. Hi Vvikas thank you very much for the link and it really is appreciated. Would you please give me a hint about the EMQ answers in Part A 1. Especially (EMI 1),or if you guide me where its taken from,I could refer to that site for answers(guess its copy paste).Is it - pmm? Thanks
  14. No I was looking for REM option,it was not there? Do u know whtas the answer for it?