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  1. Can anyone please tell me what time of Friday the CASC results are usually displayed? Many thanks
  2. I would wait until you are in post.
  3. It is worth being aware that there are a lot of costs/tax involved with this and hence not always the best investment option; to buy - stamp duty, lawyer fees, survey, when renting - any service charge (if say a flat), agency fees, insurance; the mortgages for 'buy to let' are higher than other mortgages, then you pay income tax on the rent (which is most likely to be 40%), then when you sell the property in future you will have to pay capital gains tax as well as all fees associated with selling. So unless for long term I would do your calculations properly, and choose property wisely as it is not always a money maker.
  4. The curriculum states that at CT2 "evidence of presentation of at least one complete audit project if not completed at CT1" and for CT3 "evidence of presentation of a second compete audit project demonstrating application to a service".
  5. I love Irvin Yalom books about existential psychotherapy; in many of them he speak about different patient cases which are fascinating. Also the examined life by Stephen Grosz is a good easy interesting read; its a narrative of different patient cases
  6. I would be interested if there is still room?