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  1. Thanks for informing us!
  2. Hi Anyone at Charring Cross ST4/ST5/ST6 GA need some advice re GA higher training at Charring Cross Please can someone give some info/comment Thanks
  3. Please can someone update on the ST4 GA banding in St Marys, CNWL Charring Cross, WLMHT Thanks
  4. Received mail from Oriel "Interview Completed" status, yesterday but nothing since has anyone got offers yet???
  5. General Adult Psychiatry You are an ST4 in Psychiatry in a community team. A care co-ordinator informs you that Sam, a carer, is in reception appearing anxious and distressed. He/she is demanding to see a senior doctor and has a complaint following a consultation with a CT1 doctor last week. Sam’s son Adrian has just recovered from a first episode psychosis and was discharged one month ago after admission under the Mental Health Act. Following last week’s consultation he is refusing medication Olanzapine due to worries about weight gain. You have Adrian’s permission to talk to family. You have 15 minutes with the carer but you can finish earlier if you choose to do so. Suggestions on points to be covered in this scenario please! Thanks
  6. DONCS: Direct Observation of Non‐Clinical Skills It has been developed from the DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills) tool. It is designed to provide feedback on a doctor’s performance of skills such as chairing a meeting, teaching, supervising others and other non‐clinical skills. Good Luck with your CESR!
  7. If you plan to take a break, take it, a year locum should not be a problem, I have known many who have done a good length of locum before taking SHO training rotation those days, 2003,.,.,.
  8. Hi I am planning to apply for ST-4 training, I have MRCPsych from Autumn 2007, did a ST4-LAT 6months and went on to do limited company locum for 2yrs, the substance misuse service I was working for was taken over by a private provider and they offered me to work as a substantive employee at £90,000 PA and I accepted, 2yrs later the same service was taken over by a NHS provider and I was TUPE'd on the same pay scale, been on this till date, I am now wondering what pay scale will I fit in if I return to ST4 training,.,.,. Your thoughts appreciated, Thanks
  9. RIP Dear Dr Gulpal! Your initiative was of immense help for all trainees in this speciality, Especially for overseas trainees,.,.,.
  10. Hi I have been in UK since 2003, cleared MRCPsych 2007, did not apply for higher training for personal reasons, Now thinking of CESR, Any first hand experience will be helpful, below is an oncoming conference and there is a topic on CESR, Hope this helps or a good starting point. Academy of Medical Royal Colleges: Associate Specialist, Specialty Doctors and Staff Grade Conference Tuesday 26 April 2016 Royal College of Psychiatrists, London 1:45PM: CESR Ian McCafferty and Dr Sanjeev Gupta http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/traininpsychiatry/conferencestraining/conferences/sasdoctors2016aomrc.aspx
  11. Yes! I too felt the same for a couple of months after my ILR, the next stage is the dilemma of - to or not to get a burgundy passport, I am still sticking on to my Indian passport 2yeras since my eligibility to get one.
  12. you can argue an social disadvantage at any class!
  13. Has anybody else moved to India since It is quite worrying to see motivated people come back.
  14. answer is Hypersomnia, severe insomnia is a withdrawal feature.
  15. The letter you get from Home office when getting your ILR should identify the date when you will be eligible for applying for citizenship. Cheers!