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  1. i guess huge tax bills are paid by the savings in the company account.
  2. Just a little calculation, working as a Paye Consultant will get you around £60-65 /hr, working for 46 weeks a year with full tax and NI you will be earning 5200 a month. with no pension or any other employment benefits, most will prefer a NHS salary of 4500 a month will additional benefits. I can see only few doing locums, those who really appreciate the freedom it provides.
  3. There must be few... Jose is an excellent manager but Guardiola is a level above. we will be a very different team next year and just can't wait for it.
  4. When a locum is employed directly by umbrella company, the ltd co fails to exist and you pay the normal level of taxation. Its how many people did in the past and it wasn't any better than PAYE, so people shifted to Ltd Co. the bottom line is there is no way out unless u work in Third sector or Pvt sector.
  5. its the end for locum work in NHS.
  6. Slarti is not hypomanic anymore and talking sense, didn't listen 5 yrs ago.
  7. Now its £70 for consultant posts in England, i will sit tight and see if anything changes in the next 6 months. The pvt sector pays more than a full time locum at the moment....interesting times.
  8. Today agreed for £2/Hr pay reduction from 1st of Feb with trust wants to reduce the rate further from APRIL.
  9. I have just extended my contract until March and staying at same rate. We will be having a clear picture in 6 months and i don't see it changing much.
  10. Thanks Paul, That's a decent description. The issue I see about proposed max consultant rate of £75 to agencies, I am not sure how many would like to work on that rate as it won't make any financial sense. Even if few agencies are going to be kind and charge only 10% as previously they tend to charge around 20-25%, the consultant will be working around a rate of £65-67 / hr and that's the best scenario.
  11. Not sure about the Champions league, getting to quarterfinals would be great. I think City will win League and Capital Cup.
  12. If its £75 for a consultant & £51 for a SG, not sure that includes agency fees ; if thats the case, cant see anyone wants to do locum.
  13. Its starts from 23 Nov 2015 with gradual reduction from 1 feb and the last phase is from 1st april........ So even with a proposed rate of 75 for a consultant with 48 weeks work in a year, its amounting to 135k. There are loads of consultant job in pvt sector paying lot more than 135k. lets see how many panic and look for substantive NHS jobs.
  14. So here is the Government's plan Locum cap by 1 apr 2016 Consultant £75 /hr Staff Grades 51, SHO in mid 30's Still not clear if that includes agency 10-20 % recruitment fee.
  15. Hi Steve With the proposed locum cap from next month, whats ur take on it.