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  1. Is there anyone who works in GA - North west? I would like to know about the places of rotations. Please drop me a line if anyone can educate me on this. Thanks in advance
  2. You can consider Norfolk and suffolk nhs foundation trust. I know what you want and you won't regret. Inbox me if you need more info.
  3. Completed MRCPsych is the first and foremost requirment in person specifications of ST4 recruitment, that's my general understanding.
  4. Hey Mai El-Refaey, You may find this useful: Medical Training Initiative, RCPsych.
  5. Hello, I came across your post regarding CAMHS. I shall apply for ST4 next. I particularly want to get a job in greater manchester. 

    I am sure you gatherted lot of useful info about st4 camhs on calls, banding, future etc. I would be greatful if you advice me on these. 


    Many thanks in advance. 

  6. Do you know the banding now? I'm interested to know.
  7. Congratulation guys. I was on Friday and Passed as well. Unbelievable!!! I'm delighted that this unpredictable exam is out of the way.
  8. Excellent post!!!! Thanks and congratulation.
  9. I will definitely put my honest feedback. Could you please give me the link of the survey? as I have not got access to my work email at this moment. In 95% of the stations, I saw the examiners were just sitting back watching us. And not doing anything on the mark-sheet. I found this quite unusual !!! As I saw on SPMM weekend course and mocks, the examiners are on the marksheet all the time as I perform on the stations, so they tick the sub sections I complete and write positive/negative comments/feedback. I doubt the examiners in real CASC take those sub sections of marking seriously!!! No wonder they don't give personalized feedback!!! When they don't note down anything about myself.
  10. I left an email to RCPsych. I left an email to RCPsych.
  11. Unpaired stations on Friday exam..... Mostly nightmere. The description is full on an A4 paper, sometime two pages. I sometime had doubt about my own registration, retain and recall! Plus those new family therapy and valproate !!!
  12. Antidepressant+ Lithium station: what did the wife ask? Is it about ECT?
  13. I have just seen today and this is unbelivable and shocking. He built a great platform for psychiatrists. He will be rememebered with great respect. Rest in peace Gurpal. I am sure you are sleeping tight. My thoughts and prayer are for his family members.
  14. I am preparing for CASC September 2016. I have attended some local training sessions and SPMM weekend course so far. The experience so far gave me this dilemma and produced psychodynamic conflict within me which I would like to share. (Warning: This post is slightly sarcastic, but it's true feelings). 1. 'You have to follow a structure' vs 'You can not be checklisty'. 2. 'You have to go with the flow and roll with the punch' vs 'You have to make sure you tick as many as boxes possible' 3. 'You have to challenge patient's psychotic symptoms at the end' vs 'If you can't build that rapport during the conversation, you can't challenge them at the end' 4. 'Be empathetic' vs I was over empathetic, so one role player told me, 'you made me feel like stupid'. 5. 'You have to give small chunk of information at a time' vs Role player: 'I felt like you were reluctant to give me information'. 6. 'Let the patient tell you the story' vs 'if you let the patient tell you everything, examiner will assume you don't know what question to ask'. 7. 'CASC is all about sympathy and empathy' vs 'It is about 50% empathy and 50% knowledge' Well needless to say this psychodynamic conflict creates immense anger inside me. Like all areas of psychiatry, the boundaries in CASC is really blurred. All role players, examiners judge you from their very own point of view. So there is a massive role of transference, counter transference, most of them are not aware of this. The good news is once I pass it, I will be on the other side of the table. I can give a damn to those role players and examiners!!! Rant over. Any thoughts please.
  15. Passed.