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    Hello. I am preparing for the Jan CASC exam. Could I join your group?


  2. 6pm Thu
  3. I think Skype is best. I'll open it tomorrow at 18:00 UK time. Those interested to look for "neicanimeni".
  4. Let's talk details Skype me tomorrow at about 18:00 pm UK time.
  5. Are you interested in practicing for Jan 18 pm Skype?
  6. Should we try tomorrow?
  7. Hi all, I'll appear in Jan 2018 CASC. Need partner(s). Bogdan
  8. I am interested, via Skype or anything else. Bogdan from Manchester 07585247280 I am interested. Appearing in Jan 2018. See just above. B
  9. "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?" On the other hand, there's one of the Murphy's laws: "smile, tomorrow it will be worse".
  10. Very informative site. I've been working in psychiatry for some time and sat the CASC in September. I don't know what happened yet, as you can easily imagine. I could give some feedback on the content of the stations. Good luck to all who tried it this time and those who prepare for it.