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  1. Hi, has any one to the last DGM , can you post how was it and waht were the scenarios? Will be appreciated. thnks
  2. Any one takiing, DGM, in Feb13 ?/ we can discuss??
  3. Lets make a study group on DGM for Feb 2013 ??
  4. many thanks eme and kreely
  5. I am looking for Push chair, from birth, if yours one has been in good condition?? Sell it here....
  6. many thanks Gurpal, very important stuff, just waht i was looking for.
  7. The qibla compass doesnot work on this , though it downloads. It just doesnot caliberate? Any suggestion? please
  8. I direly need an idea for an audit, or audit project related to old age psych/dementia etc, please ?/ Dont hide it even if some one has done this in their trust ? tks
  9. Hi guys, can you feed back regarding ur exam experience and what helped. I plan to take the next one ??
  10. Thanks, but is the base not the same for every one that rotation??
  11. Dear All, I want to know whether the deanery gives a full three years offer to higher trainees ? or is it again for 01 year in the beginning. Is there a process where one would know about future placements in the rotation/region? My dilemma is that I have got a run through in West Midlands, but I dont know which place should I make a base? If only I knew what areas will I be posted to in future then that will make the decision/move easier? Please provide your valuable thoughts/views ??
  12. Dear Gurpal,I need some help with regards to the level of cupper and its relation with dementia? any esearch done/article etc. tks
  13. Any one out there, who has got ST4 old age, 'west miedlands??
  14. had an email from w.midlands,that I have been shortlisted but will tell me later when the interveiw is gonna be ??
  15. No I didn't,just b/c one consultant gave me 4/10. If he had given me 5 I would have got it. That consultant always failed me in CASC stans