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  1. Check you PM
  2. I am in. Where are you based?
  3. I contacted the college and they told me results will be out around mid February. Exact date is not known yet. -Left hemiparesis with right facial numbness, right post inferior cerebellar artery??? I answered Anterior cerebral artery.
  4. I think passing percentile would be 65%
  5. I marked autosomal recessive because i thought in X linked recessive Affected males cannot pass the condition onto their sons. and it showed males affected only. although there were skip generation also.
  6. My deepest condolences to Dr. Gurpal's family & team. Vortioxetine's mechanism of action. -boy bitten by cat then avoids it-i wrote classical condition which looks wrong now. -25yo brought to A&E febrile labile BP very unwell. it mentioned ankle clonus. Serotonin syndrome (option was there) -when did Vygotsky say children learn internal monologue from private speech. I wrote age 7 as 8 was the last option Looking back i feel i did many questions wrong. I used SPMM material & mock. Many questions were totally new to me. I feel the passing percentile maybe low this time due to complexity of questions for example drug which causes least orthostatic hypotension, aripiprazole or amisulprude?
  7. How did everyone find the paper A today? Many genetics related questions and few psychopathology based. it was quiet tough.
  9. MCQ

    Amiloride is the correct answer. If this is not in options, then choose Furosemide.
  10. Is the answer to below is 50-60%? According to the CATIE study of patients with schizophrenia, the number of patients meeting criteria for metabolic syndrome ranges between what percentages?
  11. I Think Thr Same
  12. I answered Male gender.
  13. What was the answer for the question where they asked: Strongest suicide risk factor as per WHO? options: male, unemployment, single, divorced etc
  14. I remember few questions: QTc upper limit for female. ECG with MI. Swapping among different antidepressants. EMI about stigma's and EMI about ethical principle. Balloon cells and hirano bodies are found in which dementia? (anyone knows the answer please?)