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  1. Good luck guys!
  2. thanks WM!
  3. thanks wm!
  4. Guys don't lose hope, just got to pass it once and be done with it!
  5. Re: Discussions for Aug 2009 Paper3 Reply #95 - Today at 14:50 9. Extended matching question Options Clozapine Flupentixol depot Haloperidol Olanzapine Quetiapine Risperidone Choose ONE medication for the following patients 1. Older schizophrenic women, with DM, agreed to take medication but irregular compliance and psychotic. When son reminded her, end up in a quarrel. 2. Psychotic elderly man, persistent psychotic symptoms, not tolerating oral flupentixol. Not responding to sulpiride and olanzapine. 3. Case of Parkinson’s disease. Not on anti-PD drug and antipsychotic naïve. Distressed by VH. 1.depo 2.clozapine ?!?!??! or is it quetiapine ???!?! 3.the antipsychotic naive bit leads me to - haloperidol , but in practice ive seen quetiapine being used !! what say ppl ??? Disagree with the 3rd answer! Quetiapine is myanswer as haloperidol can worsen the parkinson sympoms!
  6. Guys, Does anyone know the answer to the question on Pica and LD?
  7. Agree with the brain chapy!
  8. Here's the link for the PANDA's question
  9. Psychosis
  10. Discussed this question with my consultant who reckons the answer is Fluoxetine as iSSRI's can rarely cause dystonia's. He did say he hasn't seen the s/e in 20 yrs of his practice!! Help! We are doomed! :
  11. 1) Family therapy 2) Parent training 3) methylphenidate
  12. depression
  13. Just to add to the confusion/ discussion- my mate who got a 100% in LD put the answer as fluoxetine!!! Help Please!
  14. Thanks wm!