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  1. Thank you Rohit for your message, this has now been actioned.

  2. Started as peer to peer practise sessions on whats app which is free to use by all, now group admin making it commercial... I think there should be split in the group ... and keep the whats app group free to practise for all.... pls don't become greedy ....
  3. very sad to hear this news
  4. i think you were not in a position to listen to anyone's advice then! correct me if I am wrong. but I always liked your posts especially 'guarandamnteed' advises...
  5. you can apply CESR, article 14 route to become consultant in UK it's interesting to see you moving from Australia to UK.. current trend is opposite
  6. In current job market,less supply and more demand, you can easily ask 55k starting salary. if there is no one to take the post, they can even offer more than that
  7. wave a white flag and take an exit, you can't waste your life like this in constant worries...
  8. seems like you will be in loss!!
  9. As economic conditions have improved in India, it's not worth the hassle to move to new country for just economic reasons if that is the reason....10 yrs back it was different situation,people were better off in UK,US not just for money also to get some degree but u already have degree I mean PG
  10. it is unlikely u will find any one here to do the job at this idea is just go to the airport first thing in the morning, look for flights travelling to the desired location, speak to some passengers waiting to check-in and hand over the envelope to them... show the contents to them so that they can trust something to them if they are willing to accept ..
  11. "if not" sentences are very it just me who has difficulty understanding 'if not' sentences? is it a worth attending course or must attend...
  12. what about starting a course ' Ireland ' casc course
  13. congrats afterlife
  14. Hi afterlife..I wonder how much money you spent until now for all exams(including written papers). also include course fees. start counting from the beginning .. let me guess...easily 25 thousand pounds( all written papers from your first attempt in old style,courses,travelling costs,hotel expenses)