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  1. Please can someone guide me what are the CASC changes in station now as compared to before- how many stations are now and 2hat is passing criterion- thanks- also if someone has compiled list o& more recent stations please share which course have you found most helpful for CASC which videos resource is most helpful any recommendation for books for CASC Thanks
  2. What was the answer of: actuarial risk gender schemata theory rating tool for complete physical exam Also what do you people think can be the pass percentage
  3. Methylphidate needs monitoring which bloods Alcoholic is fatigued and nocturia- what's the electrolyte imbalance
  4. Does anyone know when will the college email results of paper A tomorrow.. it says before mid day they will be emailed
  5. Dec 2016 paper A caffeine effects which neurotransmitter Glutamate hydroxylase is in which NT function of microglia Where is CSF formed Self serving bias Voroxitine mode of action Varineciline Abx c/I with clozapine Low WBC predisposing factors Hyponatremia predisposing factors Antimuscarinic intoxication Glycine- AMPA 5HT2 dendritic inhibition QTC effected by most/ least Not to gv with clozapine - beta blocker? Erikerikson and mahler and kolnberg Rating scales Blood supply neuroanat Subacute EEG serotonin syndrome: ankle clonus Social learning Which leader will get your commitment not compliance DSM 5 schizophrenia, ICD 10 harmful substance Autoscopic hallucination Methylphenidate Parkinson genetics Serotonin : median raphe NMDA antagonist Which antipepiletic produces most aggression Which personality test is grid based.. MMPI Survey of health questionnaire Zolpidem acts on which sigma or omega? Model based on good for all: virtue? Culture where new norms are prevalent: melting pot? Child is not involved but involved? Exo something, macro, micro? Institutional racism Reason for thirst: hyperglycaemia?hyper and hypocalcemia? Erikson model but asked differently Blood supply brain Notch 3 Genes of Parkinson's DSM 5- no subtypes schozophrenia Locus cerulus Dopamine- COMT, MAO-B 56 were EMIs Does anyone remember how many mcqs were there
  6. Paper Aii receptors which flumezanil acts on glutamate acts on which receptors side effects: hypertension,leucopenia first part to be effected in alzhimers papez circuit some familiar ones like: aripiprazole half life, y used for hyperproloactinoma, which pathway antopsychotics work on, hepatic encephalitis EEG, time duration when switching between trazadone and mirtazapine etc lotsof genetics like segregation analysis, physical mapping , aneuploidy, huntingtons mode of inheritence picks bodies, verenaciline, clomipramine, what interacts with OCPs, name the sub cortical visual pathways, central vision : what is effected lateral geniculate body, mirtazapine ( no hypoNa),drugs that potentiate INR, agomelatine, QTc : amitriptyline, so basically very fimililiar themes but tricky questions.. Paper Ai focussed a lot on which tests for what: frontal tests, ASD diagnosis which interview, Ray ostereith, MMSE recall, anterograde memory, sleep disturbance,age 7: industry..., animism, conservation, kohlnberg's conventional, less from descriptive or dynamic psychopatho lots from social, classification few questions, an easy one on Cushing and addisons,
  7. I am also doing just spmm, initially I read through some of the chapters, but now even the questions seem too many so I would say just questions until the end of this month, and then the mocks so practically that would be it with a couple of revisions for the same questions.. I thought mock papers from another resource might help like Birmingham but I don't see that happening to be honest...
  8. Hi all preparing for paper A in June 2016 pls share how you have divided the topics over the next 3.5 months. Considering the feedback are you planning to give more time to A1? It will be good if we can share opinions on how to divide the mcq pool so that we have sufficient time to revise which mock papers are you planning to or have subscribed to( I believe for sp.. It opens mid March)
  9. One hour everyday might not be a possibility considering that we work all day and are on call some days, but I would like to join the discussions that help to keep track of the progress u are making and also give ideas somebody might not have considered. Example my colleagues have advised me to start with Psyc mentor and then go to SPMM and practice it several times.. What do u think?
  10. I am also planning to take paper A in July, is there any chance of combined study if anyone is interested?
  11. I am planning to take Paper A in July 2015,are there any other people sitting for exam in July..
  12. For psychiatry CT1 interviews in feb 2015 they have reduced the stations to 2: Portfolio Scenario Does anyone know if they keep changing scenarios or is it the same published on the website.
  13. Pls elaborate on how to prepare, resources, time frame,what not do,etch
  14. What is the eligilibility criterion to sit in paper Ai and Aii. What resources are the best to use What is the sensible preparation time limit one should keep in mind before booking for any of these exams