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  1. Hey Sagir Bhai.... are you locumming in Qld or a regular job? How is earning in locumming (if you know!!!)

  2. not true.. i have come across a couple of people who have come from India directly after completing their MD in Psychiatry. Recruitment agencies are not worth it.. some of them dont have the necessary info. many job offers are posted on Now, what jobs are you applying for - Registrar level or Consultant ?
  3. why not ? From what i know they had applied from Eng itself and after a telephone interview (some visited the place in person before accepting an offer or so) and then after making a few enquiries accepted the offer. Once that was done, they submitted the paperwork to the College as part of the specialist pathway. Now i dont know if other states do things differently.. However, there has been a massive influx of UK psychiatrists in QLD in the past year or so and most of those consultant vacancies have now been filled up. There are a few consultant positions still being advertised in far off cities and regional centres.. Nonetheless, a few may crop up in the main urban hospitals in the next few years.. who knows.. job situation is always in a flux and it is a supply-demand cycle. where have you searched for Consultant jobs so far and what approach have you tried yet ? might give me a better idea as to what suggestions i can make.
  4. Well said and so true !
  5. yeah i think.. you'll just have to research a bit about which pathway is more suitable for you.
  6. Nariman, i have replied to your query on another board, but let's keep the discussion here as this is a more appropriate thread.
  7. Hey Prof, You still got my number ? text me or call sometime.. let's have a chat and i can hopefully give you a better idea of what to do.
  8. It is just an additional qualification. i do not think it does you any additional favours when it comes to your training programme and/or prospects as a Consultant. the procedure should be on the Irish Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ireland. The website definitely has been spruced up since i passed mine in 2010.
  9. No idea boss.. i know the specialist pathway has changed a bit, but i am not sure what the requirements are as i arrived here on a different pathway. of the few people that i have come across who arrived here as consultants were offered jobs before they arrived.. and the job offer, job description etc allowed them to do the College stuff.. that again seemed to be a huge obstacle and they were required to do a few additional posts, appear for exams, etc etc.. long winded path.. i dont know abt the details though..
  10. i got a Surface pro 4 recently.. absolutely useful piece of kit and much more productive use out of it compared to an iPad..
  11. Might have to revive old habits in memory of the late WM... He is the reason most of us got together and became friends..
  12. you called ? and what irony is that i had to get online just as WM has gone offline Sad day indeed.. could hardly believe the news when my friend told me about it.. Still reeling in shock.
  13. It was deep sadness that i heard of Dr Gosall's demise today.. I pray that God rests his soul in peace and grants his family the strength and patience to cope with their profound loss. Dr Gosall was a great visionary, a good teacher and an all round wonderful person and great guy.. The world is a poorer place without him and a significant part of our lives has diminished after his passing on.. May his memories live long amongst us...
  14. i think the tech in that is totally fabulous !!! if MS dont restrict it to Windows 10 and Xbox One, it should do wonders to expand the horizons of gamingdom... Oculus Rift and Sony's Morpheus will suddenly be left behind..
  15. it will return.. perhaps with a newer better sleeker design.. Google Glass is too cool to just die out like a damp squib.