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  1. Updated link to new version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ace0.mandl.mrcpsychb
  2. Updated link to newer version of app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ace0.mandl.mrcpsycha
  3. For people who find the stats calculations tricky this app can really help. It has a worked maths question at the end of each round
  4. @Twitty, MRCPsych Learn A is an Android app, very useful as an additional resource https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.comuf.mrcpsy&hl=en_GB
  5. Cozmo, 49.8% of those who sat the exam passed, and the pass mark was 70.2%, which seems high !
  6. Does anyone recall the exact wording of a genetics EMI question, which has been flagged as a "badly written question", something like 25% of children affected when just one parent has this disorder? Of course Wilsons is recessive but it would need both parents to be carriers. There is not many situations where 25% offspring affected with just one parent affected!
  7. Archaeo.. Good recall. Just medical question whats to differentiate Atrial Flutter and Fib on ecg?
  8. apparently there were some tricky questions, ... One of which, something about whether a child growing up with same sex parents is more likely to be homosexual themeslves. Perhaps its possible thats true but Id doubt it would be PC to say that so very interesting question and curious to know what the official line on this is? Edit .. http://borngay.procon.org/view.answers.php?questionID=000028
  9. What did u put for metabolic disturbance in 53yr old woman who had drunk bottle of whisky 23hrs ago and was displaying anxiety? options were hypocalcemia, hypoglycemia etc?
  10. Deepa you say there was a question on 'mum died but appears happy' which defense. There was no question like this on my paper? Could you be mistaken? There was question on man had bad day at work, so goes and plays tennis, which defense mech. There was qu on which is related to some disorder, and tissue type DR15 DQb was in answers. Anybody remember what that was asking about?
  11. Deepa are you asking what is greatest side effect of Lithium toxicity?, I believe answer is Convulsions
  12. The pass mark was 64.9%
  13. Hi Suzzy This forum is mainly related to learning psychiatry and as such we don't generally give opinions on patient specific problems, which would probably get answered better on a forum that was set up to support people with anxieties etc. One thing I would totally agree on is that old cliché of "you need help" is not very helpful in itself, and a lot of people say it to people in all sorts of situations! It is a very general statement, and that some aspects of our personality are simply just how we were made! Some people so find counselling helpful to discuss anxieties they have, but that is normally a psychologist lead service and does not usually focus around drugs as you mention, which is more the realm of psychiatrists.
  14. Good question! You are both correct, because your questions are slightly different. Dorian it is impossible to answer your question exactly without prevalence. The answer would be greater that 250/.8 and less than 250/.59 But if you are asking just how many positives out of those with the disease then it is simply N/Sensitivity
  15. MRCPsych Learn B app now in Google Play store. Its presented in a quiz game style and has interactive calculator for end of round stats questions, which people may find very helpful as a learning tool. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.psy.b The price is set simply to break even on hosting and App store fees, so any support and feedback very welcome