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  1. hi rohit, we all started from this platform (psych club). This place has been helping people for a long time including the admin of the CASC whatsapp group. Commercializing these group interaction, spitting groups and causing disruption so close to the exam is something quite shocking.... I will stick to psych club only now... whatsapp group was good but not anymore....i have been noticing more of unnecessary stuff then useful discussions for the last couple of months
  2. Hi Lijna I am appearing for jan 2018 as well. I am interested.
  3. Hi Freud, why you think that you are unfortunate to be a male. Well I am preparing for Sept casc as well...
  4. I will agree with Carole: Question says....... You develop a blood test for a disease and find that patients with that disease mostly test positive on it whereas patients with another (albeit similar) disease mostly test negative on it. What does this establish about your test? My thoughts are: What they are describing here is that this test have a good convergence and divergence. In other words we can say that this test has a good construct validity So I will go for the answer Construct Validity But I am not sure if this is the correct answer
  5. After 5 years of study: Incidence of depression in subjects who undergo domestic abuse - 70/500 = 0.14 Prevalence of depression in subjects who undergo domestic abuse in a particular council - 20% i.e. 20/100 = 0.2 New prevalence = 0.2 + 0.14 = 0.34 Prevalence = Incidence X Duration : Or Incidence = Prevalence/Duration Hence the new Incidence (expected incidence) = new prevalence/ total duration Expected incidence = 0.34/5 = 0.0068 Please suggest if anyone has a different way of solving this
  6. Answer: Decrease If the degree of confidence is raised, the intervals or range of values within which we can call the true mean value to be present will also increase. At times, this may even cross point of no significance. Arbitrarily, similar to the p-value of 0.05, we use confidence limits of 95%. As the degree of confidence has been reduced, the range within which we can call the true value to be present will be reduce i.e size of interval will decrease
  7. If regression is in the choice then that appears to be the best choice out of these so I will go for regression as well
  8. EBM

    Agree with both of you. The answer is C An exposure must show significant effect before adjustment i.e Odds ratio(95% CI) must not touch value of no significance i.e 1 And Must become non significant on controlling for possible confounders (middle column of odds ratios) None of the above factors satisfy this
  9. can anyone help me with this question please? In a study on domestic abuse and depression, women who do and do not suffer abuse are followed for 5 years. It is found that 70 out of 500 individuals who undergo domestic abuse develop depression. 150 out of 3000 individuals who do not get abused develop depression. If the prevalence of domestic abuse in a particular council is 20%, the expected incidence of depression in this council is?
  10. hi....thanks a lot...could you please give some advise on how to prepare for paper B.....I understand that a major part of the question paper is from statistics
  11. Yes I agree, choices 1 & 2 are correct -
  12. I will go for the answer: decreased appetite as 'insomnia' and 'hypersomnia' can both occur as withdrawal symptom of amphetamine
  13. I will also go for,.....35 year old widower, unemployed, social class V
  14. Dear friends.... I recently appeared for Paper A exam....and many of you must have also sat recently... What do you think about paper A(i) What do you all think RCPsych---exam board expects from us Recently they have combined Paper 1(Ai) & 2(Aii) to make Paper A- doubling the syllabus for us to appear all in one go, in one day On top of that they made paper A(i) so tough that many of us, even the ones with best of their preparation, found so difficult to solve... I am sure, if this paper is given to the faculty members or teaching consultants to solve, even they might find it diificult to solve in 90 minutes..... We, trainees, do have regular teaching (MRCPsych teaching course) organised locally or by the deanery...but I dont think that the standard of teaching matches the standard of exam at all....If they expect high standard of knowledge from their trainees...why cant they teach us to that high standard. what are your thoughts about this?
  15. yes you are absolutely right.....if its just venlafaxine then 1st oder