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  1. Advice please. Has anyone changed specialities before? How easy/difficult is it? I have just joined as ST4 in one branch of psychiatry and I have realised this is not for me. I would like to switch to general adult. The application form says if you have relinquished your post, then you need to get letters from postgraduate dean/supervisors etc. Has anyone had this before. What was your experience? Thanks in advance.
  2. Been offered speciality doctor post with no on calls. Any ideas about negotiating start salary with core training experience, MRCPsych and section 12 approval. Hoping to get ST4 job from August 2018.
  3.  Please message me your contact number or e-mail address.

    1. beena mamoon

      beena mamoon

      Sorry for late reply , this is, add Skype ID Hameem831 please.


      many thanks

  4. Totally demoralised. Really hoping the contract doesn't come into force. Wonder what is BMA's latest stand on this?
  5. I am a CT3 based at East Midlands. I am giving CASC in September 2016.
  6. Hi, I am a CT3 in East midlands. I am looking for study partner(s) for CASC in Sept 2016 either face to face or via skype. Please reply if interested.
  7. Hi, I am a CT3 in East midlands. Also looking for study partner for CASC in Sept 2016. Are you interested in practicing over skype?
  8. Hi, This is a really useful forum. It has helped me to pass my theory papers. Many thanks to all the contributors.