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  1. No, but you will still be known for lawlessness and rampant terrorism. A name change won't change that. 'A rose by any other name'....
  2. That's nothing, you can expect a 10-20% cut in pay for all public sector workers over the next five years, whichever government gets elected. The country is in dire straits financially, severe austerity measures will be required to control the huge debts incurred by printing all that money over the last two years. Just look at Ireland for a flavour of what is to come over here.
  3. ZOMG Slarti is in a cult! How do we rescue him?
  4. T.A.B., my friend. It is his own fault if he has abandoned traditional culture and become valueless, chasing money and material objects. Does the BMW make him happy? Does he feel a warm glow each time he makes another massive mortgage payment to pay for his massive home? Does he rate other women to see if they match up to his 'beautiful wife'? This was never part of our culture, to buy big or shiny objects with the sole object of trying to pretend you are better or more important than other people. I myself live in a small flat (rented, of course). Why do I need a big house, I live on my own My rent is just £500 a month, yet I live in a really nice neighbourhood, have friendly neighbours and a real sense of local community and togertherness, rather than a soul-less suburb where the racist neighbours are hostile towards you for bringing the local house prices down with your coloured skin. I have a crappy old beat-up car - it is however very reliable, and works fine for its main purpose, getting me A to B. I was able to pay for it outright so don't have to struggle with any monthly loan payments. After all living expenses are paid, I have over two grand every month disposable income. I save (and have a significant nest-egg) yet still have enough money to live a luxurious life whenever I want (and it's whenever I want, not whenever I want to impress other people). I never do locums - enjoying my free time is more valuable to me than chasing an extra couple hundred quid. Remember, as doctors we earn several times the national income - if you can't live comfortably then you have to question your lifestyle, rather than becoming disilluisoned and moaning about the rat-race, and talking about emigrating the country or chasing the next get-rich-quick scheme (what is it this week, the stock market or a property portfolio? Or maybe both?) You are investing so much time and effort into trying to get more money - to the extent of going back to your studies to enroll in some snake-oil "investment course". You spend all your time planning making it big in the future, and use up what precious free time you have, and for what? So you can buy some more big things and show off to other people? Do you think that will bring you happiness? Your Pakistani friend and people like him will never be happy, no matter how much they earn. But that won't stop them buying another black Beemer with a personalized numberplate to park in the hospital car-park. T.A.B.
  5. Greed will always be the downfall of humaity. This 'recovereh' was never anything but an illusion. The economy is still on life support, only being kept alive by the billions of pounds the government is printing and handing out. This surge of money has led to people investing anywhere they can, which is the only thing that that has supported the stock market rally and the slight recovery in house prices. Unfortunately all that printy printy money has also made everything else go up in price, as you will have noticed if you filled your car with petrol recently or bought any groceries. Inflation is surging ahead and will increase to Weimar-Republic levels if the printing presses are not slowed down. But government will not stop printing the extra money, as that would mean pulling the plug on the life-support and letting the economy go down the toilet. They think it is much better to portray an illusionary 'recovereh' by maintaining asset prices (never mind if that price is in completely devalued pounds - what's the point in owning a £200,000 house when it costs you £2,000 to do your weekly shopping?) Unfortunately suckers like you (I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but in a sympathetic way) got drawn into the 'rally', just as it was running out of steam and falling back into reverse. The smart money got out weeks ago - it's not called a sucker's rally for nothing. Now the FTSE has fallen 6% in the last two weeks alone, and is going to plummet further - it will break the 3,500 level by the end of the year. House prices are also set to resume their downward spiral, screwing all those who thought they were "picking up a bargain BTL while prices are so cheap!!!" Sorry mate, you got mugged Don't chase a losing cause, that's what addicted gamblers do. And, for all your talk of investment strategies and educational courses, that's all you are doing - gambling, hoping that the market goes the way you speculated it would. The 'investment course' is selling you snake-oil, and will slowly drain your money until you are bled dry. Get out now, while you still can
  6. Nice of the BMA to report this news. It would be even nicer if they actually got off their butts, did their job and fought this, but I guess that's asking to much - they have already spend all the subscription money on fancy dinner evenings in posh restaurants, and a whip-round to buy Patsy Kensit a retirement present. Useless idiots.
  7. Avoid Birmingham, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Keele, and anywhere around there. Also London.
  8. I thought the main problem with self-prescribing was the use of FP10s, i.e. getting NHS subsidised rates on what should be a private, full-price prescription. I just wrote it out on a piece of paper with GMC number and work address details I took work ID badge so they knew who I was. Plus the pharmacy was just round the corner from my work, if they really wanted to check who I was they could have walked to my secretary's office in 2 mins
  9. Yeah, I know about all the behavioural/sleep hygiene approaches. I normally use a binaural beat mp3 when I need to get to sleep, works really well. This is the mp3 I use: http://www.box.net/shared/29dvlvg18c Just when I travel or have a night shift it really throws me off, takes ages to stop sleeping in the daytime and be able to get to sleep at night. Could do with having a short supply of zopiclone for when I really need to be awake and alert the next day. So I could just go to any pharmacy with a blank piece of paper and just write out a prescription for myself?
  10. Not been sleeping well recently and could really do with a short course of zopiclone to get back into a regular sleeping pattern. Can't be bothered going to see GP and going through the whole depression screen and sleep diary gubbins. I know it's officially frowned upon, but has anyone here ever self-prescribed? It's not a controlled drug and would only be for 7 days. Do you use a standard FP10, or issue a private prescription in your own name? I assume the latter would raise more eyebrows at the pharmacist.
  11. Yes, I do this - make one big curry which can be divided into 7 portions and frozen - do this a few times and you have a whole months worth of food, ready to mix and match. Can't stand noodles or supermarket ready meals.
  12. wet-rain wrote: Yep, bet they will have a luxury suite :laugh:
  13. Psychoanalytix wrote: The new Homegroup feature makes networking so much simpler in windows 7, I never bothered to have a home network as it was too much hassle in XP, but in Win7 it's automatically connected my laptop, netbook and desktop, and I have set it to allow access to certain files, so I can play music/videos stored on my desktop's hard drive on my laptop in the kitchen, and can also share the same printer between all three.